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I was once excited to share and engage on Community Cosmetics, but I think I’m not alone in saying that activity is dwindling. Too many people are interested in free products and not building an actual community that contributes to a fledgling brand. I love the concept, and my hopes are high for CC but something needs to change. My suggestions are these:

  1. Members should stop posting under the Talk category for everything. I feel posts get buried quickly and sometimes I’d just like to post a quick news article under the News category without writing an introduction. Utilize categories to weed out discussion-worthy posts

  2. Reach out to members who used to write engaging posts like @jesslosgar, @edelorimier, @Tradowsky, @GypsyRose_03, @Emgie, @SMay2222, @MissSabrina1986 and @Achalala11 among others to gain feedback about why they’re no longer active

  3. Encourage controversial topics like what is Brand X doing that you don’t agree with, reaction posts, reality check posts

  4. Interview dermatologists, estheticians, makeup artists, etc.

  5. Show the forum more behind-the-scenes activities! As a twenty something, I adore that kind of stuff and CC is a little mysterious these days.

  6. Consider creating more challenges with different perks like contributing to future Co-Creator/Face-Off notes, creating a poll and whatnot. I thought the naming of Body Wash 01D was fun, and it wasn’t completely about the reward. I dislike the attitude of “my time is too valuable so give me something for it.” Inspire those who are passionate with something others are missing, free products are great but they don’t keep brands afloat.

  7. Please design stickers!

I’ve mentioned reddit before but the SkincareAddiction subreddit is seriously something to look at. I’d like to see CC rival their numbers and outshine their community one day.

The only hindrance to posting is the fact that no one responds with much more than banalities. I come across various studies, articles, factoids that I consider sharing, but I reject the idea because no one will read them.

I hope that wasn’t too harsh, but I see so much untapped potential for Community Cosmetics.


Absolutely agree.This CC is not what i expected.I’m removing myself from the forum.


I completely agree. I’m not giving hope just yet!


These are really great ideas especially about our time part the process is rather time consuming.


I will say this as I am Not a 20 something i took some valid points away from this young ladies post and i also took a step back and took a breath. This is a post one can both think about or to use a Term we use “come out of the box on”.
She has her opinions and evidently is strong in them. I hope she finds what she seeks out of this community and gets more engaged. I tried to stress my response with as much cordiality as possible, as i am not a writer I am a military trained Nurse Practitioner who just became a part of this community to become more familiar with cosmetics, beauty items and get ideas. I wasn’t even aware of any free items here as I have never applied for any.

I hope everyone gets whatever they seek out of this community and can remain courteous to each other while achieving it.


I also used to be interested in contributing to this community because it always seemed like everyone was heard and the members had unique and individual voices. As more members were added and more projects came up ,such as the Face-Off, I think many of the original community members may have been lost in the sea of newcomers and the posts, not that it is a bad thing to have new people. I just noticed that as a lot more activity started happening on Community Cosmetics the original deodorant and body wash groups kind of dissipated and it didn’t seem like a lot other action was happening on those boards. I definitely don’t check as often as I used to for messages.


I completely agree with you, Kim C. I used to go on Community Cosmetics multiple times a day to share my input about products and beauty hacks. I feel like after Face Off came out that all of the people not testing moisturizers were left in the dark. The sad part is I wasn’t chosen for Face Off due to an older phone with a low resolution camera.

Overall, I think if our newsletters had featured ideas from the week or just include us long-time members with more information on what Community Cosmetics is working on besides “we’re still working on Face Off” like everytime I reach out to John or customer service.

I used to really like going on this site to share my opinions but after the big update to this new website about a year ago I haven’t been going on as often because again, like Kim said, the activity as dwindled.


Thanks for this! I think the banalities etc. come from people trying to “be active” to check a box and get free stuff. I also made a suggestion about this and have commented about how greatly post quality decreases if people are just posting for compensation. And honestly if people want compensation for their posts, they’d need to post MUCH better quality stuff so it’s worth the brand’s money… and idk how much CC is even trying to monetize this anyway.

I think a major difference with r/skincareaddiction is that Reddit overall has lots of traffic so there are many sources for SCA to get readers/posters, and people can post on SCA here and there before going “all in”. I think makeupalley may be a better parallel because that’s more of a stand-alone forum.

I do see the mods/admins here posting conversation starters and those have generated some better discussion, but at least for now the effects seem to be limited solely to those specific posts.

I’ve been iffy about whether to post actual journal articles or less clickbait/biased info because I feel like people will just read the title and it won’t generate real discussion. I want to see people actually examining the science behind assertions made in articles or talking about how and why the media is/isn’t misleading when reporting something.

Your post has given me some motivation because it means at least a few people are interested in more in-depth convo!!


I agree too, but this is mostly my fault as to why I haven’t been as engaged. It has to do with work changing my job and travelling so much now. I do not think that your post was harsh at all, I think it was needed!!! @John worked darn hard to create this and the original group needs to keep this going and make sure that all of those that have joined since are just as active.
We need to treat this like any other Social Media site. CHECK IT DAILY! RESPOND DAILY! Maybe create something that pings you or gives you notices in the app every time someone posts something new that you follow … like Facebook and Twitter? I don’t know. But guaranteed, you are RIGHT on the nose with your post. THANK YOU for opening up and sharing your ideas! I for one just had a good reality check as to why I started this process in the first place.


I honestly feel that it has much less to do with that and more of the fact that it’s an actual forum. I used to be a forum moderator from the early 2000’s when forums were at their prime so to speak to just a few years ago when social media basically took a hold of everything. Pretty much every super active forum I have ever been a part of is dead and social media killed it. I think that if this platform could somehow be integrated more into an existing social platform it would see a lot more action because everyone logs into socials everyday and since they’re already there if some discussion pops up in their feed they are bound to join versus having to log into something completely separate to engage especially if you’re not in the habit of doing that. If I wasn’t getting email alerts when a discussion popped up I would likely post much less and a not everyone stays on top of their emails. Not saying any of what you wrote is wrong whatsoever but just adding a different take on it.


To your point about Talk Category, I’ve re-categorized this topic into Site Feedback :smile:

Not harsh at all, THIS is exactly the kind of quality, honest, discussion we need… not just about the site, but about topics and skincare in general!

We’ve definitely experienced some learning along the way, and wholeheartedly agree there’s too many people looking for freebies who aren’t adding value. It’s up to all of us to change that and push the envelope.

You’ve given great points to noodle over, thank you while we think about how to better execute on these!


Yasssssss that courteous part :raised_hands::raised_hands:


I am actually one of these “newer” forum members, and I agree with alot of these points, however I’m not here just for the compensation, but I’m also not here just for makeup routines, looks, hacks etc. I do like to learn about skincare, and even haircare as well. I do my best to look at every single post that I haven’t seen and it does get hard for me sometimes because there are alot of them. But also I do try to post and comment as well as create posts as often as I get a chance, not because I saw something I like or something I think is funny, or even something that will help me to win any sort of compensation, but I do it because in turn I am hoping to either learn something on the subject or to hopefully help someone else whom may also be interested. And just to be fair I did think that was what this forum was for and about. And I am sure you’re not including every single new person to the community in all that, but I have been posting different things here and there so I figured I would touch on the subject. I haven’t been here long so I’m not sure on what all has or hasn’t changed, but I did want to say I do like the many of posts, even if it’s just “I really liked this and wanted to share” cause the more posts I see, the more I read, and in turn, the more I comment and interact, as well as the most important, the more I learn. Sorry if I am out of line, sound rude etc…I just do like being a part of this community not because I have won anything but because like I said I love learning everything possible to learn about makeup, skincare, haircare etc…


I also agree with GypsyRose_03 and alpacas. I have been with CC for over a year and was really excited and proud to be a part. I used to contribute quite a bit, but seemed to get lost in the shuffle. I loved the Face-Off campaign and participated in a few others, but I felt as if I wasn’t contributing enough to be included in other campaigns. I’m still here.


So glad to see @alpacas and @GypsyRose_03 posting! Welcome back! @alpacas your post was on point, which is a reason you’ve been missed.
I too have grown weary of a “post” being made about questions disguised as topics that could have easily been answered by doing a google search.


I’m somewhat new, but some of this sounds good.


I’ve noticed that even professionally, listservs are also dying out too. They’re still used within academia in my field, but everyone working in industry uses Facebook groups.


Well I just wanted to say welcome to the community. Please don’t be discouraged from posting whatever you feel might add to the community. As someone who is an older member I was just responding to the original post as to why some of the older members may not be posting as much as they used to. I love having the new ideas and lots of conversation and community and that is what this is all about , not just an opportunity for products or compensation. When there were less members in the community it was easier to keep up with topics and respond to each person and it is harder to do that now because there are always so many new posts. I would still like to participate, because I really enjoyed the community and learning different things about the health and beauty industry as well as tips and tips and hacks from other members.

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I don’t think the criticisms in the post apply to you whatsoever. There have been people who directly say things to the effect of “we need to be compensated per post. I don’t want to waste my time posting on here for free, I’m a busy person”. I haven’t seen anything remotely like that from you!


I totally agree. I am one of the original 100 group of product testers, and feel the Face-Off challenges have completely taken over the forum, and not for the better. The original idea I thought was to test the products, crowd-source it, then make the product available for sale. Have any of them actually been produced for sale?? I was obsessed with the orange oil body wash and was telling everyone about it, but literally nothing has ever come out of these product tests.

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