🗞 Comparatively Speaking: Essential vs. Natural Oils



The purer the better!


Great article. Very interesting!


I love my oils! Very interesting piece.


Love my essentials oils, use them every day.


I love my oils use them daily


I love them both. I love my coconut and argan oils but my peppermint, teatree, and lavender essential oil are a must.


Essential oils are best! And not the ones from chain stores.


I’ve recently become a natural oil connoisseur, or at least a wannabe. I like being able to immediately apply oil to my skin and hair without the work of having to cut or mix essential oils. However, recently I watched Jordan Rubin, and he and Dr Axe have a line of essential oils that he claims are actually ingestible.


Ingestible oils would be wonderful, however, marketing as such seems like a potential nightmare. Especially if someone misunderstands and thinks their essential oils can be consumed.


@thepinkapeateme Actually that is exactly what Jordan Rubin said about their essential oils, they ARE ingestible. I’m not sure if the entire line of their oils can be consumed. But he said he gave specific ones to his family when they were ill.


I just remembered the terminology Jordan Rubin used in reference to their brand of essential oils: Food Grade.


Very interesting indeed I’ve always wondered which is better and why? Great topic!


If it states it is pure enough to actually be consumed I am for it!


I love essential oils and I use them everyday. I have an essential oil diffuser and which I used as to make my house smelling good and relaxing. During the night I used eucalyptus or mint for kids especially when they have colds/cough


I love natural and organic oils in carrier oils and essential oils. Lavender grapefruit and citrus are my go to essential oils, but I honestly use so many. I use extra virgin coconut oil a lot for my hair and skin. Nice read.


As a child we ingested home made essential oils for better health and illness. Now this was back in the day and there were no regulations, but I’m still here and I actually continue the traditions (not as often as I would love) but balancing career and children don’t leave much free time! :blush:


Natural oils for me.


The more natural it is the better lol


Just a tad of information here. I am quite familiar with the use of essential oils, but would love to continue the read of this article. Going to have to search it further as I am not qualified to join the newsletter