💥 Contest! Name Body Wash 01D!


Continuing the discussion from Body Wash 01D Feedback Questionnaire:

Alright @CC_Body_Lotion_01, we’re going to call Body Wash 01D a success, but before we can list it for sale and celebrate our first product together, we’re going to need your help giving this creamsicle-scented product you helped create a name!

The final entries are in, vote for your favorite!

  • Creamy Dreamsicle
  • Orange Gelato
  • Hydra-Lush Dreamsicle
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Dreamy Creamsicle

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Week 17 Update
Week 16 Update
Week 14 Update

This is exciting, in the product naming stage! Here are my offerings. I may add to these later. :blush:

  1. Dreamsicle Lush-ious Deep Moisture Body Wash
  2. Orange Dreamsicle Lush-ious Deep Moisture Body Wash
  3. Creamsicle Lush-ious Deep Moisture Body Wash
  4. Orange Creamsicle Lush-ious Deep Moisture Body Wash


Creamy Dreamsicle Moisturizing Body Wash


Here is a good name idea
Orangesicle Delight


Now that I see some name candidates rolling in, for simplicity’s sake let’s restrict entries to just one per person so it’s easier to vote on the top 5 (my fault for not saying you were restricted to just one!). I was thinking of having two rounds of voting, one to get the top 5 from those of you who participated in this module, and the second round we make public to anyone who wants to vote, including your friends.

So, @Freedom @Medgirl2001 @vanessa6297 would ya’ll mind editing your posts to pick your favorite?

  1. Orange Dreamsicle Lush-ious Deep Moisture Body Wash


Sweet Orange Cream Moisturizing Body Wash!


Natural Dreamsicle Moisturizing Body Wash


Orange Creamsicle Moisturizing Body Wash


Hydra-Lush Dreamsicle Body Wash


Dreamy Creamsicle Scented Moisturizing Body Wash


Creamy Orange Sherbet


Citrus Joy Body Wash


  1. Orange kisses
  2. Creamsicles for days
  3. Moisturizing orange sherbet


dreamsicle oasis luxurious body wash


Creamsicles for days


Opulent Orange Creme


Orange Dream Moisturizing body wash


Orange You Glad it’s Moisturizing Body Wash