Cosmetic brands


What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?


For Christmas, my daughter-in-law asked for a set of Tatcha products.
When I went to Sephora, they said the kit flew off the shelves and they were sold out in-store and online.
Of course, that has made me curious about the their products and would like to try them some day.


I really want to try more things from Mac. I’ve gotten a couple samples of their products in Birchbox, but they’re not really things I would’ve picked on my own if I were buying them. Specifically I’d love to try lip products from them because I’ve seen colors I really like, like Whirl, that I think are beautiful! I’m a little late to the game when it comes to Mac lol, but now that Ulta sells them I’m sure I’ll be buying stuff soon!



I’ve been thinking about trying the NARS radiant longwear foundation. I really want a foundation that is radiant and luminous. I want something lightweight and dewy looking, that doesn’t accentuate any dryness. This foundation sounds perfect, but I’ve been having trouble picking my shade. There isn’t a Sephora near where I live, so I’ve never been color matched. Everything I get from Sephora or Ulta, I usually order online. Also, I’ve heard great things about the new Kat Von D
24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade. I want something to give me a more natural looking brow and is quick and easy to use. If anyone has tried these products, please let me know if they are any good.



God all I want is a job stable enough for me to afford a Causemetics or Beauty Bakery (ie?) thing once a month or so.
They’re so expensive but they’re so guilt free.


I’d like to try a high-end foundation something from Marc Jacobs. I would love to try their eyeshadows as well.


Too many to list!
Off the top of my head…Urban decay, Anestasia of Beverly hills, sheishido, Nars…I will come back when I think of the rest!


I’ve always wanted to try a Michael Kors perfume. It sounds fancy. I’m not much of a designer person and I don’t use make up that often.


urban decay is the one i have been meaning to try for some time now.


I just want to find products that deliver the results they promise.


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask or some of the things from Drunk Elephant


Same here. I’m not a product loyalist. If I try something that works better than my current product of that kind then I’m switching to that. The only thing that keeps me from trying certain things is the price really. I’m not interested in going bankrupt for something just because of the name or celebrity endorsements.


I don’t have a particular brand but I really need to find a better foundation.
I’ve been using l’oreal mineral powder for years, but my skin has been dry lately and it looks horrible.


ColourPop! I signed up for the list, but got side-tracked. I don’t even know what I want from them, but it looks like they’re a little more playful and laid back than a lot of luxury brands and the colors
and shades are great, though I usually stick to black, taupe, lavender types of eye color and don’t do much base.


I have tried pretty much all the brands and I have favorites from many of them.
I think my favorite luxury brands are Chantecaille, La Mer, Cle De Peau, Sisley, and La Prarie.


I havent tried colour pop or tarte or fenty beauty yet


Ive always wanted to try sisley, ive heard the primer is amazing. Im still trying to convince myself to make the purchase.


Kat Von D… All of her products have unique designs and packaging. And are all very highly rated. She also offers a professional 40% discount for Cosmologists and Estheticians. I just haven’t gotten around to uploading the documentation.



I used to want to try a few different face masks from Glam Glow. I tried a few samples this last month and sadly they made me break out. I hate when you get excited to try something and then when you do it’s a huge let-down.


Any Herbivore Botanicals product- the Moon Fruit treatment is top of my list.