๐Ÿ—ž Could Bakuchiol Be Retinols Match?



Interesting info Iโ€™d never heard of Bakuchiol before.


The article on Bukuchiol is very interesting. If there is something out there that works like retinols with less sensitivity and anti properties, I am totally interested


Iโ€™m looking for anything anti aging for my skin


This is great news! I think the biggest plus for the benefit over retinol is, no prescription needed. I know products use a lesser version of Retin A, but thereโ€™s nothing like using the genuine article. So if Bakuchiol is comparable, then itโ€™s more easily accessible.
Thank you for sharing this.


I actually just just got a serum today that combines retinol and bakuchiol. I am excited to see if I notice any improvement.