Cutting Edge of Green Beauty Technology


I was curious to see if anyone else has tried True Botanicals? I ordered some samples so excited to try the latest trend. I have been hearing a lot about this nontoxic beauty brand breaking barriers in science, technology and effectiveness….and they just don’t stop. I made a list of what they have done, and are currently doing. True Botanicals is the first and only full beauty line to be Made Safe certified. Made Safe is America’s first nontoxic certification for products we use everyday from baby to personal care to household and more.

  • Outperforming Creme de la Mer in third-party clinical trials.
  • Outpreforming ProActiv+ in third-party clinical trials.
  • Harnessing the highest available polyphenol potency (antioxidants) from organic apple peel extract and patenting it.
  • Delivering an entire skincare, hair care and body care line that is fully GMO-free, gluten-free and does not use animal testing.
  • Delivering THE ONLY FULL SKINCARE line to be entirely MADE SAFE certified.
  • They are proving to the world that we can have results driven skincare without harming ourselves or the planet.


I’ve never heard of it


I have been hearing about it, but it’s a little pricey. They have samples and I love trying whatever is trending or new, so I ordered a couple.


I personally haven’t heard of them but has any one heard of Dr, Botannicals??? Isn’t it funny that products that are 'all vegan; or 'all organic ’ or all natural ’ sometimes have the highest price tag ??? interesting huh… or it could be my perception too, And Im open to new ways of looking at things as well. …
Hi guys Im back and I hope to stay !!


I have heard of Dr. Botanicals your right very similar products, but they are London based. I’m sure he wishes his products were literally driving the entire skincare industry. It’s only a matter of time before other brands create a formula comparable. I have read some incredible stories about True Botanicals products helping woman who have had hair loss most of their lives, and have tried everything. Now are slowly developing hair. So I am just following to see if there are any real scientific studies.


It seems fairly high end. The price is a bit steep but maybe it’s worth it? Would be a great line to test in the Face Off program.


nope never tried it but it looks interesting.