Dark Circles - tell us what products you want to test!


Hey y’all! Hope you’ve submitted your application for the next Face-Off to test dark circle products. If you haven’t yet, submit your application here!

While we’re reviewing applications, we also want to hear about products you’re interested in testing. Creams, patches, serums, you name it - send them my way. You can comment here with the brand and the product, and ideally a link to the product so we can be sure to look into the right one.

Ready… set… go!



Almost 14,000 reviews averaging @ 4 stars, this is my pick. It’s either amazing, or BS




It is complete and utter BS. I tried it, bought it on Amazon. The truth is you can find these “eye creams” on AliBaba, and anyone can purchase these in bulk and put their own name on it. It was a decent moisturizing eye cream, but there are MUCH better ones available, and it’s nothing special. Save your money - for the price they charge tou can for sure purchase a better eyecream.



Those one was rated best by Cosmo: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimiser



This would be my pick. Ive tried another product from this brand which was a cleanser and found that it worked much better for me than any other at reducing redness and inflammation. I have not tried any other products but have wanted to try these.
skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, 8 count



This is my choice. Their mission actually reminds me of yours @John and Community Cosmetics. Their ingredients include superfoods and peptides and it’s highly rated. There are more reviews on their website than on Amazon’s.



Perricone MD I would love to test results with that brand and yours



15 Pairs Collagen Eye Mask, Hydrogel Under Eye Patch Skin Care Eye Treatment Mask for Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Corrector Used for Under Eye Bags Anti Aging Mask Gift image https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51YFVSzjkbL.SL500_AC_SS350.jpg



This product definitely sounds promising and receiced the 2018 glamour beauty award.


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I have and got approved! I’m so excited. I got an email saying I’m in and signed a contract but haven’t heard anything since. How does this all work?



Products are shipping this week! Did you just get a message to the group of approved users?

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Ditto. I have this and it doesn’t seem to do anything on my skin around the eye area.



I got a message saying I’m in and to sign the contract and initial it twice. I didnt get a message to the group but I was contacted by them on Facebook and they verified it’s coming. :slight_smile:



Ski is amazing!!! I love that brand.



Hmmm, good question. So many! I really would love to test something for dark spots. After my 2nd pregnancy, i had some appear and they are still here 10 years later. Ugh. Would love to find something that works, I’ve tried many that haven’t!



I would be interested in testing products that minimize uneven skin tone from sun damage. It is so hard to find products that lighten effectively. I love this community and look forward to learning and engaging with all of you!

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Yes same here! I used to go to the tanning bed for years and now my skin is paying for it. No matter how well I took care of my skin I still have developed some areas of uneven skin tone. I hate it. I don’t tan anymore in the beds. Lol

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