Dark circles vs Puffy eyes vs Bags - Apparently they're all different!


I guess I never really thought about the distinctions between Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, and Bags… although there is definitely a difference. Take a look at this article — which would you say you have??


Oh yes they are all different! Your post is very informative! I never gave much thought to the matter tbh! I tend to use home remedies and prevention to avoid each! For example I “Try” to get enough rest as not to have those puffy sleepy eyes, easier said than done with a 18 month old! But I try! And to ensure I eat as healthy possible


I have them all lol I have dark circles, bags, and puffy eyes. And I’ve tried almost everything and so far nothing worked.


I have definite dark circles and nothing I’ve tried has lightened them or covered them. I hate the way they look! My eyes are also often puffy from being tired and poor sleep I assume, my 2 year old still wakes me up some at night although she doesn’t always wake up, I’m just a light sleeper and have trouble falling asleep as it is.


I have always wanted puffy eyes in lieu of my dark circles and sallow under eye area. I have an olive skin tone and had allergies real bad as a child. Like weekly shots bad. I’ve tried creams ranging from OTC to prescription strength hydroquinone. Nothing seems to work. I’d love to see if a filler can help but I’m scared it look silly


I have all three. I’m Asian, so I’ve had prominent eye bags my whole life. I’ve had dark circles for most of my life, and my eyes are super puffy when I cry or when I have allergies triggered.

I’ve learned to love my eye bags (especially since it’s been trendy to have them in Korea - called aegyo-sal, and I’m a huge kbeauty fan), and the puffiness is generally temporary, but the dark circles bother me.


I have dark circles under my eyes. They look horrible


I have to say after all my years of trying to cover them up because I didnt want to appear like the ugly witch in the wizard of oz …I finally looked in the mirror one morning and decided to embrace them and to love them as I have learned to love and accept the rest of me through the years :heart_decoration::two_hearts:


Yeah I think I have dark circles but when I laugh/smile, it looks baggy too lol.


Thank you so much for sharing this…I recently started getting dark circles and now I know why…thank you


I am 43 and have had dark circles since i was a teen,i find your article to be very insightful,thank you for post it.


If I had to choose one I would pick dark circles but when I look in the mirror I definitely see all three. The article was definitely interesting because I thought all three of them were the same thing. Great topic. Thank you.


I really enjoyed this article! It was nice to see all of the reasons that undereye circles happen,how to treat and prevent them.


Dark circles is my worst issues . O am an Insomniac not sure if that has anything to do with it , am never tired or sleeping . It’s just the way am wired . But I need help I want them gone :sob:


I have puffy eyes sometimes, when i have overworked. I use a bag of peas.


I’m definitely a dark circler. This may sound strange, but it wasn’t until I participated in the Eye Cream Face Off that I discovered I also have occasional puffiness. Taking daily and nightly photos revealed what I hadn’t noticed before.


Really cool you discovered more about yourself through the photos. Knowledge is power!


I definitely get puffiness and its not directly under my eyes but more near the very very top of my cheek bones under my eyes. Hard to explain. I did get approved for the new study for eyecream and signed the contract but haven’t heard anything since I signed. I’m new to this. Does anyone know when it starts? Thanks


Interesting, that’s exactly where mine shows up as well. I thought it was just me.


No its definitely not just you! You have gorgeous skin from what I see but yea it’s annoying because when I use highlighter it accentuates it :confused: but I’ve learned to apply my highlighter farther up my cheekbones and more towards my temples. I do know that it has gotten better though since I’ve been using The Ordinary retinal with squaline serum. It also gets red in that area sometimes and ugh I hate it but it has gotten better.