Dark circles vs Puffy eyes vs Bags - Apparently they're all different!


I learned about that in the last few years. I was always calling them bags but I dont have any bags! Just serious dark circles lol


Thank you @SusieQ1980! You’re right, sometimes makeup does accentuate them. I did notice a slight improvement from using one of the eye creams in the first Face Off. Since you’ve had success with your product, I think I’ll look into that one, Thanks for mentioning it!


Oh my pleasure. I just got approved to test an eye cream from Face Off so I’m excited to try it and see! Although yes the Korean skin care line The Ordinary has helped my skin immensely and Loreal Paris collagen cream. Iove this community.


This article was super helpful thank you!!


That’s so interesting that the bags are trendy in Korea ha! love Korean skin care!


Same! I love all the cool kbeauty products with interesting ingredients. And I’m not even gonna lie…I’m a sucker for cute packaging! :smile:


Yes! Me too! I love pretty packaging lol and kbeauty is amazing.


I’m getting dark circles as I age and I hate it lately I’ve been using refrigeratied sheet masks and coconut oil everyday. I’m going to try diy coffee masks soon.


when i read this article, then i realised difference between puffy eyes and bags. i think i get puffy eyes but never bags.My husband is getting dark circles. so have to look for some solution for him.