Dark spots on my face


Does anyone have an issue with unsightly brown spots appearing on their face - especially after spending a lot of time in the sun? Even when I wear sunscreen and a hat, they always come back after fading fairly significantly during the winter. Have you found a product that really works and doesn’t break the bank? It’s mostly on my forehead and cheeks but I am sure as time marches on I have more places to “look forward” to finding them!


Castor oil is supposed to help. I just picked up a bottle, if I can remember to actually use it, I’ll let you know if it worked.


I also have some places of hyper pigmentation or melasma on my face. Unfortunately I’ve discovered that I have tough skin that isn’t easily penetrated by skin care products designed to address those issues. I need something that can go through the layers to unveil the even tone skin I once had. What I’m doing to achieve that is home chemical peels. I did the first one a couple of weeks ago and will do another in about a week. It’s very rare that only one peel will make the difference, especially on pigmented skin. I did however notice some smoothing. I must warn you that the immediate post peel result is not pretty. It’s recommended that you “hide away” if you can until your face has totally peeled. Here is a before and after photo of someone on their site.





I can sooo relate. I have porcelain toned skin and I had a few hyperpigmentation spots as a result of pregnancy and a couple moles from sun exposure that use to stand out.
As @Freedom stated, a good weekly chemical peel is a great place to start. I use Dermalogica Multivitamin as my chemical exfollient, however it is a for use by professionals only. A similar consumer peel that I recommend is Philosophy Microdelivery Peel.
Hydroquonine is a common chemically derived skin lightening spot that is proven effective, however it is not safe and it is linked to a higher cancer risk and toxicity. Currently banned in the European Union.
There are many proven effective natural solutions including Tumeric, Licorice, Kojic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, Apple Cider Vinagar and castor oil. I have had great success in the use of these natural substances.
After cleansing my skin I use a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar toner (infused with Lemon EO). Followed by a Eva Naturals Vitamin C Serum Plus Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid & Niacinamide. I follow this up with an ultra lightweight Vitamin C serum by Sundays Riley. Then in the evening I spot treat the pigmented areas with Eva Natural Skin Lightening cream with Licorice and Kojic.
And yes, the natural solution works! It does take consistency and time. It took over a month to notice any noticeable difference, over three months for them to dissapear. But the routine is so worth it. As my skin has never been softer and smoother on top of even toned.


You should apply aloe veera gel after sun exposure. It really helps to lighten the marks but make sure it’s in pure form without any fragrance or chemicals or color.


Thank you so much for laying out your regimen! It’s so frustrating to take the time to read through reviews of products used by people that may possibly have an ulterior motive for “talking up” a product, only to purchase it and get no results.:disappointed: I know I can trust your experience. And it’s also helpful to hear that you’ve had success with the natural products as well. Thank you!


Thank you @Tradowsky for the very detailed response!! I will have to look into some of these for myself. I took a photo over the weekend and my face looks like a map of the world with all of its spots. lol


Very interesting! I will have to give this a shot too. :slight_smile:


@Freedom did the chemical peel hurt? Assuming you did it at home, were you nervous to try it by yourself?


Yes, @KimB2012 it burned!:exploding_head::fire::sob: I did an 18% TCA Peel, trichloracetic acid, and the burning feeling is unavoidable. And yes, I was very nervous doing it myself at home. But MUAC included very thorough instructions for what to do before, during and after the peel. I did a second application on Saturday and my skin is peeling nicely.


I admire your courage!! I can’t wait to hear the final results!


Thank you! But I think my desperation to be rid of blotchy skin probably overruled my courage.


My peeling process is practically complete. I didn’t peel as much as I did on the first application because I didn’t apply as much of the solution. My mother said my face looks smoother to her, but unfortunately those stubborn, pesky discolored places aren’t gone. I’m not surprised because I can tell that they go deep into my skin. So, in another two weeks or so I’ll do a 3rd application. The bottle contains enough for 10 applications. Hopefully by the time I’ve finished the bottle I will have gotten the results I want.


Tell me you took a before photo? This would be and incredible before/after…


@John I did take some before pictures, but they didn’t show the trouble areas I want to get rid of. So I deleted them. I couldn’t photograph myself at the right angles. So I plan to have my sister photograph me before I do the next peel so I can show the results. :+1:t4:


Check out the information in the “Niacinamides” post. Apparently they are also used to even out skin tone and hyperpigmentation.


@Freedom, I have the same issue with my hyperpigmentation… they are older spots within the deep layer of skin. Please don’t dismay when I tell you that it may take 6 months to a year to see a major difference. I’ve been using professional strength acid peels (only available to licensed proffessionals) weekly for over a year and the spots I am working on are still visible. However, they are much, much, much lighter and less noticeable. The newer ones from my pregnancy disappeared, but the ancient ones remain. However, I no longer get new ones like I typically did every summer. And the peels, even if they had zero effect on my hyperpigmentation, I would never cease doing. My skin has dramatically improved in texture, overall even tone, the elimination of all blackheads and the chronic acne I once had. And it IS working on those spots that are deeper, it is just taking very very long.
So, I guess all this to say… keep up the good work, have patience and don’t lose hope. :hugs:


@Tradowsky Thank you for the encouragement! It’s good to be able to hear first hand someone’s personal experience that is honest about the time involved in getting the results you’re trying to achieve. I believe that’s a valuable piece missing from many product reviews. Most are either all positive or all negative. There’s seldom a middle ground that mentions, “Hey, I’m in the process of getting the results I want, but I’m not there yet. But the product is slowly providing benefits.” This kind of transparency and honesty in reviews is why I’m looking forward to CC’s Face Off!