Deep Conditioners for Hair


What is everyone’s favorite deep conditioners? I recently tried a Garnier one and was surprised by how good it smelled.



The only one I’ve ever tried is the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair mask, but I really like it! It’s very moisturizing without being too heavy or feeling like I need to wash my hair 20 more times lol. It’s a little bit more on the pricier side, $36 at Sephora, but the tub is pretty darn big. But they do also have a mini on on there for $9! I feel like a little goes a long way, but my hair is pretty thin so that might just be because of that. You may need more if your hair is thicker!



i usually use loreal hair mask but here lately i haven’t been using any masks


I’ve never tried a hair mask, I guess I was a little scared it would make my hair look greasy or flat since my hair isn’t really dry. I recently got a sample of the Garnier Fructus avocado 1 minute hair mask, and I am looking forward to trying it out after hearing all these great reviews about hair masks. I will let you all know if I love it. I do enjoy the Briogeo
Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray. It smells really nice and makes my hair really soft and easy to brush.



Haven’t tried one, have a few samples sitting here looking at me, but haven’t had the time to experiment.


I have never used one either, but like others here, I have a sample waiting to try.


I haven’t tried any yet. I did try a hair mask from Tresemme which worked okay. I’ve also tried the Loreal hair oil.



My present favorite is Earth Science Olive and Avocado Hair Masque. It will tame even the most disobedient locks!



I’ll actually switch on and off from a moisturizing deep conditioning hair mask with then a protein hair mask since my hair is processed with keratin. I really enjoy the mega growth anti-breakage deep conditioner and then I’ll use the shea moisture one 10 in 1.



Oh! Good question. I love hair conditioners. I rarely buy the same one again and always trying something new. I am using these too picture right now and loving them both.



I used one of these Garnier hair masks for the first time last week actually.
The product advertises a 1 minute conditioner, but I used it as a leave-in post shower.
My hair looked like it had product in it, but wasn’t greasy.
I got tight ringlet curls out of it.
Honestly, my hair looked better the following day, after I’d had a chance to shake my head to release some of the product.
My mother in law actually complimented me on my hair, not knowing the night before I had put this on!


Oh my favorite is by Briogeo, it is so wonderful.
Gives great hydration and repairing without weighing your hair down.
The smell is wonderful also and very light.


I do them i 2 times a month. My go to is Joico K Pak. I also love their color.
But I bought a cute shower cap a few months ago, and I always put it over my regular conditioner when I am showering to let the heat help it penetrate.
Another thing I’ve cut back on is shampooing. I am definitely not a “no-po” person,
my hair looks wet after 48 hours: but if I am just going to chill at home, I do what i can to give my hair a break and let the natural oils do their job.



Ugh to be honest, I stay far away from these. Even conditioner at times. My hair is so straight and flat that any type of moisturizer makes my hair more flat and just extra greasy looking fast.


Garnier has the best smelling hair products ever!!!
I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color Conditioning Treatment for Colored Hair, but that’s because of all of the damage I do to my hair.
I’m forever bleaching or coloring it…
(Sorry hair)


My hair is super fine and thin so I have to be really careful with conditioning so that it doesn’t weigh it down and look greasy.
However, I feel that it’s still very important to condition my hair regularly to keep it healthy.
I am all into natural products so I’m going to look into some of the suggestions here and see if they are made of all natural ingredients.
Thanks for the suggestions!


Seems like MANY products always give me the better 2nd or even 3rd day look, vs. the same day application.

My husband teases me and says “oh honey, we have plans on Saturday…so start getting ready on Thursday!”.
Sadly he is accurate!
Also its so nice to recieve compliments when you don’t expect them or ask…“notice anything different?”

Especially from a mother-in-law!


I’ll look into this. It sounds a little pricey but I’ve been looking to buy something at Sephora because I’m like less than 5 points away from getting a free product.


I’ve used something similar to this a few years ago and LOVED it. Thank you for recommending it. I’m going to have to buy some sort of leave-in milk spray. I enjoy hair products.


I used to use Treseme for everything, then they raised their prices so I only use their heat protectant because that’s the only one Walmart carries…