🗞 Deer Milk: a Soothing K-beauty Solution


Brand Differentiation, Product Science, or Both?

Which crazy ingredient is next?


Milk is definitely a great ingredient.


Milk as an ingredient. i would really have to research the reactions and effects of Deer milk on skin before I had a opinion one way or the other. .


Interesting. If the woman handling the milk on a regular basis has seen improvement in her skin then there’s at least an amount of proof that it’s effective. I wonder what price they’ll put on it.


I really like getting to try new K-beauty products from 08L, so I assume we will be seeing this on there in the near future. I’d love to hear more from anyone who gets the chance to try it.


It’s been used for centuries to hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Very interesting!


Very interesting I would love to try this and see the effects it has on skin. I have heard alot about milk being good for things but have never heard of using deer milk…interesting. I just hope no deers get hurt in the process of this product.


Little bit of a gross out, but there are some deer that visit the lot behind my office regularly and they are beautiful, especially the new fawn. Maybe deer milk is just especially good for deer!:heart_eyes_cat:


The product is definitely different and will stand out.


It’s an interesting idea that’s for sure. I’ve seen goat’s milk added to a variety of skincare but never deer milk.


That sounds interesting. I wonder if it works.


Oohh milk is definitely great for the skin. This is going to be so interesting:heart_eyes:


Seriously … DEER milk? I sometimes wonder … in real life (IRL) how they came up with this conclusion. Do you have a warehouse full of inbred deer to milk to find out how this really worked? Or did you capture one or two deer to milk and then find out that this worked? How horrible am I to assume and dream of the worst possible scenario?


@RedBastet “The ingredient’s benefits were discovered based on anecdotal observations by a Pāmu technologist with rough, dry and calloused hands; after she had cleaned the filters used for deer milking, she reportedly noticed the milk’s soothing effect on her skin,” according to the article.


Next thing you’ll see is moose milk. They already make it into cheese so why not try it on skin? I’m tempted to contact the Swedish farm and ask if they notice any benefits from their moose :laughing:


Hahaha, I love it! But it’s cool though, because their moose milk will be sustainably harvested from free-range moose that roam pastures tended to by traditional Tibetan farmers gently rolling moose udders with jade rollers whilst sipping Yerba Mate and chanting Ommmmm. “We never use milking machines with our Moose” says owner/operator Garam Masala, who states that the manual milk extraction process creates jobs and preserves the precious nutrients that are otherwise lost with modern mechanical processes used by “big cosmo”.


Okay dear milk… Not sure that I’m understanding the significance of that and I think I need to do some research on this what the benefits of deer milk are actually? Stephanie interesting though I have to say that.


Milk it very interesting


That was my next point,pricing…


I would love to try deer milk in skincare! Last year I bought a donkey milk sheet mask and it was amazing.