🗞 Deer Milk: a Soothing K-beauty Solution


@FraxinusWold What results did you notice from using the donkey milk mask?


wow i wounder how they use it and what for is it a toner or a oil base product dose it smell good or not dose it go bad in a short amount of time like a regular milk oh my God there’s so many questions LOL I need answers dose anyone know where to buy it or what the website is


It was the Soo Ae sheet mask that I used. My skin felt so hydrated and soft! I noticed my skin looked like it had a little bit of a “glow” to it.

Before I bought it, I read some reviews online and I remember some people had similar experiences, but others said they didn’t notice much of a difference.

I wonder if regular milk sheet masks would give the same results.


Never tried the deer one but I have tried goat milk soaps and donkey milk masks. What will they think of next? Breast milk masks? Well… if it happens I predicted it HAHAHAHA


Do you like goat milk soap? I’ve never tried it but was thinking about getting some.


You may be on to something! The colostrum or premilk is very thick and high in nutrients.


Okay time to find some pregnant ladies and start a home made sheet mask business lol :grinning: Who’s with me? :laughing:


Yes, I really love it. It’s very gentle on the skin. Very good for sensitive skin and it makes my skin feel silky.


Sounds amazing! Thanks, I’ll definitely grab a goat milk soap bar soon. :heart_eyes:


I sure love to give this a try


This would definitely be a product I would bypass!


Wow, I’ve never even heard of Deer Milk. I’m really interested in K-beauty, though, because it seems very innovative.


lol it was a joke. :rofl:


I know YOU were joking @ZeeNYC. But because the Cosmetics industry is pushing the envelope, there is the probability that your joke could one day become reality. I was just answering a possible future post asking would I use the product. :blush:


I love 0.8L as well.