What are your thoughts on who we are designing these products for? Are we looking at age groups, regions, daily usage? We don’t seem to be attracting guys, but are we working for a high end or low end user, people who like multisteps, as opposed to people who have 15 minutes in the morning to get it right? Can we appeal to everyone? Let’s talk about it!:cat:


Well, I’m from Utah where it gets crazy hot and dry as a bone in the summers and humid, wet, and freezing cold in the winters. Winds can be very gusty as well in the spring and fall. I’m 43 and hubs is 40. We both use lotion daily, but I probably use twice as much as he does with how dry my skin always is.


To be honest I figured it was going to be products for all demographics. Everyone has a varying taste in terms of the products they love.


Hopefully we can come up with “something for everyone” but, as you said, people’s taste varies tremendously. I was just curious as to people’s visions of the “typical” customer in order to direct creation and marketing or whether the comfort level lay within the group with the hope that the general public will reflect that same spread of taste. The more answers the better.:cat:


Again to me, that’s a bit of a wide answer. Since everyone likes different things. I think one major factor would be the price point and possibly scent but that’s just my opinion.


Fascinating question, I’m going to sit back for a bit and see what rolls through.


I think the consumer will be wherever Community Cosmetics will be, whether that place is Whole Foods, WalMart, Amazon,, in Alabama, Hawaii, etc. By deciding to focus on a particular group, I think is presumptuous and limiting. Anyone with skin should be included and given access to the products. Once retailers are given a batch to sell and customers purchase them and realize the quality and effectiveness of the products, more will be requested. And if customers are like me, they will make requests of their favorite retailers to carry the product. Men aren’t necessarily being excluded, @John is a man, and his input outweighs all the females in this forum put together. I just believe he chose, at least for the time being, to use females as Co Creators simply because we are more “wired” to participate in a process like this.


@vanessa6297 That’s what I was looking at, likely possibilities!There is no such thing as all factors appealing to everyone. Sooner or later, things sort out a little. I was curious as to what people thought might add direction to the momentum now present.


No one is talking about limiting access, at least I’m not. Nor did I mean to imply men are being excluded. I was mentioning we hadn’t attracted any to the community yet. To me, that’s just a group whose voice we haven’t yet heard. Every business plan has at least some consideration of who might be more rather than less attracted to a particular product. Simply by approaching Whole Foods or any other outlet we would be making an assumption that people who shop there will also be interested in these products. Millions are spent on surveys every year in an effort to answer questions like these. Just studying the group who originally replied to John’s search would give us some idea of who might be interested in the first place. Each time we review a new product or recommend another company’s offerings, we have material to study and guide us.

Direction isn’t a box, it’s a crossroad with multiple choices. Fun and instructive to observe. :cat:


That’s true but I think every product concept starts with a base so I guess we would be it. Then they can pick and choose what fits an ideal consumers needs.


I also thought this would be for people of all demographics. I assumed the products would be more on the affordable side, but still a bit more than say your typical drugstore products since (personally I feel like) they have more of a luxurious feel. Based on how each body wash we got had different levels of lather, hydration, etc, I feel like there will end up pretty much being something for everyone regardless of of age and gender. My boyfriend smelled the body washes when we first got them and really loved the orange cream one, so I think men would maybe end up buying some things too! As for length of routines, again I think these products would cater to everyone. While testing these products, I’ve had very quick and rushes showers as well as ones where I could take my time, and I didn’t feel like I needed to use different products or change the way I did things.


I was referring to a completed product, ready for the market. Aren’t we the answer to the demography question, we being the Co Creators? We come from all walks of life and from various regions. We have different skincare requirements and preferences. We are answering the polls and surveys to determine what will and won’t work. But even in the midst of having all test information provided, the real success of Community Cosmetics or any other company can’t really be answered in a test module or on paper. If that process were fool proof all other businesses that ever began with such promise, because polls and surveys showed a need or desire for what they were offering, would still be in business. People’s needs, desires, preferences, etc change from one minute to the next. There are no guarantees. But having an excellent product for which there will always be a demand, a need and making it available to the general public is a great start. And I believe Community Cosmetics is doing that.


It’s an excellent community. Paying attention to demographics as things unfold isn’t a beginning or an end, it’s a mindfulness of the road and the people around and on it. I find it interesting.:cat:


I live in Bay area California we have nice weather conditions but I feel weather is pretty uncertain sometimes gets hot and next gets cold. Also, pollen allergies are very common here. I am 38 and hubby is 43. I’m housewife so I have more than 15 minutes to take care of my morning and evening daily routine. We both use moisturizer everyday because we have dry skin all year long. I also prefer body wash that keeps skin hydrated.


I think there’s an opportunity to reach EVERYONE and not just a “target demographic”. While I do agree that it’s easier to focus on one or two common groups and run with it, you also can form niches for the not so typical crowds too. those have potential to be your biggest fan base. No, men don’t tend to be drawn to pampering products, but its not a common find. look how big beard oil has gotten in the last few years because it was readily available. beards are nothing new but beard care and pampering became a thing because someone said “Let’s care for and maintain that”


So… looks like we may want to appeal a little more to men who, while they may not be drawn to groups like this, are a potential market . It just might take a little specific marketing to capture their attention. Of course there’s an opportunity to reach everyone but noticing who comes out to meet you can help tremendously in producing good products that will be well-received, especially in the beginning. What do I see right now? We’re appealing to people who want to use as many natural products as possible, as opposed to more mainstream, chemical-based items. They are willing to pay a little more once they know they’re really getting value. Samples will help spread the word and grow confidence all-around. They are also interested in recycling, organic gardening, whole earth activities so that’s a good shared-interest tie in.Several people in the group have mentioned over the months that they live in climates that are often drying or super hot and sunny, so moisturizing would probably be a big plus if the earlier markets are in those areas. Age has been mentioned but other than an interest in products that might deal with signs of aging, such as dark spots, which are more common as we age, and hair loss, not too much has been said. Those might be areas to look at, not so much as individual products but as inclusions in some as a sort of lagniappe, a little extra benefit. One person has mentioned that younger folks might be interested in glitter and so forth, but except for some earlier mention, this doesn’t seem to be a prevailing interest. This the kind of thing I’m talking about. Not exclusion, not small box, observation along the way… What are people interested in these products interested in seeing? How can we get others to take a look?


It would almost seem like a wasted opportunity for a great community such as this to not be versatile! Even if I am the same demographic as another user, we could have entirely different health issues and/or goals. There’s clearly a market out there for products geared directly at men based on the new lines coming out by brand name companies. My husband uses face and body lotion formulated especially for men. He would also be a wealth of knowledge regarding razors, face wash, deodorant, aftershave, etc. I think men have just gotten used to only having 1 or 2 brands to choose from and never put much thought into but I’ll bet there’s a lot that would be interested in newer/better options!


My husband is a huge fan of samples thanks to the countless ones I order! He is more than willing to try new things, especially if they are free, and provide his unbiased opinion. We both are of the some opinion that we would want others to be honest with us regarding their experience so we do the very same!


I assumed also that we would be developing for all demographics. I’m in a rural area of Arkansas, my skin gets incredibly dry and flaky. My husband won’t say it to his buddies but he uses my lotions too!


I’m 34yrs old and I am from Germantown, Maryland. I’m the Momma of 2 girls ages 12 & almost 7 & 2 boys…about to turn 2 & 6! I barely have time to brush my hair more less get a solid beauty routine going down everyday! And to be honest…lately I have had a dreadful time finding products that work for me! I have super dry sensitive skin. Even some all natural organic cosmetics will send me into full fledge breakout or leave me with an allergic reaction type ordeal! I’m constantly online googling, researching & reading blogs & reviews to see what the latest cosmetic trends are…what new hot products are out & what new ingredients have been discovered. It’s like a 9-5 keeping up with it all.

Though it is easier to direct all your time & focus into chosing one group in a certain area or whatever it may be…as a consumer I’m sick of seeing the same things out over and over again. Or finding something tailored to me & it being an epic failure! Or feeling like giving up because nothing works for my demographic profile apparently :laughing: I believe Community Cosmetics is on the right path & has more then enough potential to break the mold that we as consumers are used to seeing. This community was started and we are kind of a platform or foundation from which new & innovative products and ideas are gonna fly left & right! And that there will be something for each and every one of us!

Until this post to be honest I hadn’t even thought about all the details or demographics. I was just so excited when I received the email about this community I jumped right in not thinking twice! Most likely because I’m most excited about adult conversation with real life people, about all the topics & interests that Im utterly obsessed with! I figured once I got the hang of it & scoped everything out I’d learn more about the products! And that by everyone participating within the community, sharing, asking questions, answering and interacting it would help spark some great ideas and endless possibilities for some pretty amazing things to come! Just by creating this community, interacting with us daily, participating in the posts we share, answering questions & just being aware of demographics as the community grows but at the same time not keeping things limited is a great start! Which ever route is taken and products are created I am extremely grateful to be here and watch it all unfold!!! Okay my rant is over guys lol sorry! To many cups of Wicked Joes Organic Fair Trade Coffee today :joy: