Deodorant 01: First Impressions


Howdy @CC_Deodorant_01! Please discuss your first impressions here. Thoughts on packaging? Scents? Stick or Mist?

In a few weeks we will follow up with a more formal, detailed Survey collecting your experiences once you’ve had an opportunity for your bodies to adapt to trying the two samples we delivered.

Send us your pics, we love them!


So they’ve been mailed? Cool! I’ll be on the lookout.


The mail has already been delivered today, so I won’t get it until Monday at the soonest.


Haven’t received yet. :two_hearts:


Good afternoon,

I haven’t been home past few days as I am away and will be for another week. I will definitely answer the questionnaire as soon as I receive it. I’m excited to get the package. Have a great weekend.

Thank you,

Shannon Whitney


Just received mines today :grin:
I really liked the packaging & the letter/poem that came with it!
I am really loving the smell of the Stick deodorant, not too thrilled with the Mist smell (has a very strong, cologne like smell).
Can’t wait to start trying them out.


My husband opened my box and he said it has a great presentation. He can see that a lot of thoughts have been put into it, not just throwing everything in the box. Personally I think it made an excellent first impression. When I opened the letter, there’s a relaxed, exotic smell. The items are nicely placed in the box and I love it. The natural stick deodorant has a pleasant smell and very refreshing. The natural mist deodorant is slightly strong at first and the smell is not quite what I would expect for floral bouquet. Now I have already applied on my wrist 3 times and I’m starting to love it.

Thank you for all the work and time everyone has put into it and I really appreciate this experience.


I loved the scent and it made my pits tingle and the packaging is cute and simple and I liked the primitive look it had and the spray smelled great and I love the pump bottle.


Great to see some of you receiving your packages! For you newbies, critical feedback is what helps us improve; your candid thoughts are welcome here.



Hi John,

I have not received the deodorant yet.


I can’t wait to receive my package and get in on the discussion! :smile: Talk to you all soon!!



I got mine yesterday! I like the scent of the deodorant but the spray is a bit too strong. The spray is feminine but I think that it has too much grapefruit scent. The deodorant has a really nice tropical scent, like coconuts. I will report back tomorrow on how well it works.


Hoping mine arrives tomorrow I’m pretty excited to try these out!

I had a quick question for you @John today I have seen a few articles about face chemical exfoliators used for deodorant like Aha’s and Bha’s. I have a few and was curious on your thoughts if I should use one of them tomorrow and then try your samples after. Thinking maybe might help the adjusting period you talked about but I really have no clue. here is one article I just found


Received them today! As always love the packaging. Love the scent of the stick!! Cant wait to try them out!!


Interesting, this is the first I’ve heard of this. I suppose it’s worth an experiment. Maybe try on one pit and see?


Haven’t received anything yet, probably delay due to hurricane.


I got my goodies today and let me tell ya, I am excited to use them. I opened the box and I was immediately able to smell the piney, floral scent of the mist (which I like very much!). The packaging was simple, clean and seems to have a natural theme. I enjoyed the cute poem…pat on the back to the author☺. Next, I opened the stick of deodorant to sample the smell. Although it was light, I like it. It will be interesting to see how it tests against the more strongly scented mist. The package was a treat to receive!41961299_463259227514919_3815087842648915968_n


I received my package today! Woo-hoo!!
:cherry_blossom: First impressions…I can tell someone took great care in packing this for us and put a lot of thought into it. The poem was a wonderful touch! It’s very elegant and simple which plays on the scents. The stick deodorant is very light, clean smelling which is very appealing to me but as far as first impressions go, my favorite is the spray. I will start testing tonight, one on each pit and I’ll get back with you on my thoughts. :cherry_blossom: Happy testing everyone!!


Just received mine! Love, LOVE, LoVe the packaging!!! What a fun poem and products to come home to!!!


First impressions: The packaging is nice; I like the simplicity. As much as I like floral scents, I think I am liking the coconut better (for now). As first I didn’t smell much, but once I used it I am better able to smell it. As I said before, I am testing one for each underarm. I am doing the solid on the left and spray on the right. I normally apply deodorant several hours after a shower. Tonight I needed to go somewhere unexpectedly, so I applied this about 2 hours after my shower. The solid is a bit dry on first use, but it applied evenly. I am used to using a gel so it might not be that bad. The spray did sting a bit, but not much. After having it on for an hour or 2, my right arm (the spray) feels a bit sticky and that is leading me to like the solid better (for now). After 4 hours both pits still smell nice. No heavy activities have been done, I just went to the store and did some light cooking.