Deodorant 01: Spray or Stick... Which is your favorite?



Spray or Stick… Which is your favorite?

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Week 23 Update

I want to clarify my vote for the spray deodorant. I’ve never used a spray deodorant before, I had never even heard of a spray deodorant, as a result, I was very leery about using it. But I
I really like the novelty of a spray deodorant. I agree with @Tradowsky that having a spray deodorant will set CC apart.
I love the strong scent of the spray deodorant over the stick. I really like the scent of the stick deodorant also, I only wish it was stronger.
I love the effectiveness of the spray deodorant. The fact that it contains so few ingredients, but is strong enough to combat underarm odor, for at least 23 hours for me, is a huge deal.
The spray application is simple enough, without requiring additional applications throughout the day.
The only reason I didn’t I choose the stick is because the application it is a little harsh. But I actually like both of them.


I just want to clarify … the spray was a wonderful idea but it just didn’t work for my composition. Perhaps someone else; but definitely not my amount of sweat/body odor sadly.


Ok so I picked stick, I am not a fan of the scent of the spray deodorant but I do like the concept of it. But i dont think it wpuld give long lasting protection like a stick would. Now the stick, i love the scent but it is very drying and hard to apply.


I love the scent of the spray, it is easy to apply, and it works. The stick works too, but maybe not quite as well. Plus the stick is a little harsh to apply.


They both work well on me. I picked stick because I’m not a huge fan of the spray’s scent… and I reallllly like the stick’s scent! But I do wish the stick deodorant would apply more smoothly, so if you could work on that I’d be buying them in bulk!


Spray only because the stick was too hard to apply at room temp. It will not work at all, but I loved the scent and prefer sticks over sprays. The spray worked and smelled great so I had to go with it.


I picked the stick because even though the particular scent didn’t last and didn’t necessarily seem to mix well with my body chemistry, the composition of the deodorant itself did seem to work and my armpits did take a while to become damp compared to the spray deodorant which didn’t keep my armpits dry in any way.

Even though I didn’t mind the smell of the deodorant I just didn’t like the way it made my armpits feel. I truly think that if the Stick deodorant had a different scent ( and I’m not quite sure what that would be) it would have worked much better for me. After a few hours of having it on, probably when my body started to heat up there was a smell that I wouldn’t describe as body odor but more of the absence of deodorant smell. My body chemistry tends to not like deodorants that are sweet or floral smelling. I tend to be more of a shower-fresh or like a “sporty” deodorant person.


I have always used sticks, but I happened to try some Secret sprays recently that work very well so I chose sprays as my answer. There is a berry one that works very well. One good spray after my shower lasts until my shower the next day. Of course, if I am going to the gym I’ll give an extra spray but otherwise I’m good. There are pros and cons for both: I think the spray is more sanitary, especially if you are re-applying on unfresh underarms. You aren’t supposed to breathe in the spray while it’s being sprayed because it could be bad for you. I spray it then walk away quickly without breathing it in.


I really wanted to pick the spray because I love the scent and the fact that it is a spray but I have to say that the stick outperformed the spray. I even skipped a day with the stick! For those having trouble applying the stick, hold it up to your armpit for a few seconds so that your body heat can make it more pliable. Works well for me. If y’all could make the stick smell like the spray, it would be perfect.


i voted for the spray just because it leaves no residue and seems to work okay. But I hate the smell. Not working as good as my usual though.

I’ve shaved quite a few times and still haven’t had any burning or any type of irritation.

In the beginning I thought they had worked pretty well for keeping away odor but lately when I go to smell I’m a bit more stinky than I’d expect with my usual product. Im wondering when I used my face chemical exfoliant if that worked pretty well so at first I wasn’t smelling any odors when using these.

I’m going to keep going with stick on the left and spray on the right.


I think it’s so cool some of you are doing the one product per pit test. :man_dancing:


I picked the spray, loved the scent and convenience. They both worked fine for me. I just have always used a stick deodarant, and with it being the end of summer/fall it was like going out half dressed. Lol


I picked the stick because it works better for me and I like the scent more than the spray.


I completely agree with you. The stick had a grainy texture which made applying it challenging. The spray smelled gross and I didn’t mind how the stick smelled so I used it for a few days. As expected, even though I’m not a heavy sweater I needed to apply the deodorant hourly so I wouldn’t smell. Not sure how it could be improved but I’m hoping a new one will be made after Community Cosmetics collects our opinions of them!


Wow, it’s almost 50/50! I voted for the spray, because I don’t love the application method of stick deodorant in general. I agree with the comment above that I’m more of a shower-fresh or sporty deodorant person than sweet/floral.


I’ve been enjoying both, but I definitely go for the stick more. I think I just prefer that classic kind of deodorant. But the spray is also great! I would buy both.


I voted for the stick because of its scent. I like the application of the spray but just could not get past the scent for some reason! Now if I could have the scent of the stick in spray form I’d be very happy! Or at least an improvement of the glide of the stick with the same scent. :slight_smile:


Spray’s my personal winner. I didn’t have trouble with either lasting, maybe my body has finally gotten past the teen years. Took long enough!

The stick smelled ok and did keep odor down, but it was wicked hard to get on. My reasoning was that it would have to be amazing to put time into figuring how to apply it. It never did go on smoothly.

I really like the spray a lot. It is seriously convenient and I love the smell, which dies down just enough to not have people on the other end of the room yelling across “Hey, love the way your pits smell. What is that?” (Though I am tempted to treat my cleavage to a little spritz). :heart_eyes_cat:


I routinely use a spray deodorant from Dove and I really like how it feels because it doesn’t leave a residue and it dries very quickly. That being said, I didn’t enjoy the test spray deodorant nearly as much because it DIDN’T dry as quickly and I actually didn’t like the scent very well. On the flip side, I thought that the stick smelled decent but I hated the texture.