Deodorant 01: Spray or Stick... Which is your favorite?


I didn’t like the scent of the spray either. I liked the scent of the stick better but not the texture.


I like the spray more because I feel like the stick over time, kind of accumulates (even with every day washing that area).


Wow looking at everyones responses Im really enjoying the differences in opinions. I chose the stick. I like the stick but completely aware that it could use some work. The spray didnt work for me at all. I wasnt impressed with the way it worked on my body. I love the idea of a deoderant mist like that though. Im wondering if this makes it to the shelves, will it be this particular scent or will it be offered in others…?


right? Thats why I voted Stick.


I wanted to love the spray, but I sweat far too much for a liquid. I need a solid. This is why I dont do gels or just antiperspirants. I cant. That being said, the consistency of the stick is a bit hard. I use scrubs in my armpits and it still hurt like a mug. Maybe a bit more shea or coconut. Not sure, but it was hard as rocks, even when I warmed it up.


I wanted to love the spray, but I sweat far too much for a liquid. I need a solid.

That’s so interesting to me, because I am a VERY heavy sweater, and I’ve always found that sprays work way, way, way better for me than any solid. I was never able to control my underarm sweat whatsoever with any solids & because I sweat so much, the white color constantly stained my black shirts, and it was so embarrassing. I still sweat a fair amount with sprays, but way better than solids & without embarrassing white stains all the way down the sides of my shirts.


I like the stick but after applying it everyday has been very hard on my underarms because its rough like sand paper but it works like no other deodorant I’ve ever used I also liked the spray but the scent reminded me of Pachulia and I didn’t care much for it but the effectiveness of the product was great but didn’t last as long as the stick.


@John Because most agreed that the Deodorant Stick was rough on application, will there be a reformulation of it for us to retry?


We’re not sure yet. Now that everyone has had just over a month to use both products, and bodies have had time to adjust, we’ll be launching our survey(s) to capture everyone’s feedback this week.


I was just going to ask about this. Cool! Thanks John! :slight_smile:


People seem to like the scent of the stick, maybe do a spray version? It would definitely get rid of the skin drag issue.


Skin Drag? OH WAIT! You mean from applying the stick (dragging of the skin while applying). GOT IT! Got it. Ugh. Blonde chick here. Move along. Just move along. :joy:


Love that idea! :slight_smile:


Friendly reminder to those of you at @CC_Deodorant_01 who haven’t yet filled out our brief surveys, your detailed feedback is very important to us, please take a few minutes to complete and let us have it, both the good and the bad!


Once the results are in, we’ll share them as we’ve done in the past :slight_smile:


@John I just want to make sure my results came through, I know I done them but my internet likes to spaz out from time to time. Lol!