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My oldest daughter used to sweat profusely under her arms and would stain a dark brown to almost a black. Her dermatologist told us it was a rare condition called chromhidrosis and she had to use a prescribed product. She even now at 24 still uses a clinical strength only but that was a very scary thing for a while.


Thanks for all the information! I had issues with sweat when I was a teenager, but never knew why or how to fix it. Luckily now I don’t deal with that but this info would’ve been so useful back then!


Utterly fascinating, thank you for sharing. I’m sure it wasn’t fun for her, but it’s kind of like sweating in a Gatorade commercial!


Wasn’t fun at all. It was so hard for a long time because fighting the wetness didn’t stop the odor so it was a nightmare. Thankfully that resolved but it was educational to say the least.

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I suffer from hyperhidrosis. It’s fun! (Not). I’m able to use most regular antiperspirants because I have learned to control my response to stress (believe it or not). I still have bad sweat sessions, but not as often.


My husband & a couple family members think I’m weird too, cause my armpits don’t stink… & I also don’t use deodorant :speak_no_evil:
I tried using it as a teen once or twice & I couldn’t understand why I needed to use it. Lol


This deodorant functionality descriptions, with individual breakdowns was so very insightful and informative. Thank you so much for these great educational gems. Especially intrigued by the two types of sweat glands. And equally fascinating that the secondary ones are not active until puberty which I find intriguing, especially given their locations. Wondering if they concidely secrete pheromones to attract the opposite sex, given the locations on the body and the fact that hit during sexual peak.


In my humble opinion I believe the human body is adept at homeostasis, and that all of its functions are vital and should be tampered in the least amount of possible. Sweating is necessary not only for temperature regulation but also in removing toxins internally from the body. Preventing the body’s ability to sweat, keeps the toxins inside which then build up and over the long term could have ramifications in the form of disease.
As a teenager though my 20’s I had severe odor from my underarms. Tried avery deodorant on the market… only 2 were proven effective, Degree and Lady Mitchum.
However through experience and learning more about how the body regulates itself, I have solved my arm sweating and odor completely with only the occasional need of a natural essential oil deodorant.
As John mentioned in the information post, sweat is odorless on its own. Much like urine is sterile and odorless until the bacteria feed on the nitrogenous wastes.
Bacteria feed on toxins and emit an odor as a by-product. Eliminating toxins will 100% eliminate odor. Toxins include but not limited to: Pesticide laden food, environmental toxins, alcohol, medication and anything poison. When I switched to all natural personal care, natural cleaning and environmental products, eliminated all medication, drank distilled purified water… I ceased having excessive sweating and body odor. You will sweat less with less toxins because once the body is high in toxins it adapts by eliminating it through any means possible… excessive urine and even halitosis through the lungs.
I know there is some differing opinions on activated charcoal as a regular supplement. But Itook many advanced hholistic practitioner courses. For a research paper I studied many scientific papers and the largest longevity study ever performed… Activated charcoal extends longevity by a minimum of 30% with no other major lifestyle changes. It acts like a magnet microsponge absorbing all positively charged ions (which all toxins are made of) and nuetrilizes them and safely eliminates them through the digestive system. With zero detrimental effects (only caution is to take it 12 hours apart from medication, since medicine is a poison it will neutrize the effects of your medicine).
Since one of the functions of sweat (besides body temp regulation) is to eliminate toxins. Underarm sweat can greatly be reduced by the elimination of toxins, and odor imitated entirely. I truly only need to use a deodorant after drinking, taking a med or being in a toxic environment.
Just some food for thought…


I need the secret to not having to use deodorant! You are so lucky! :slight_smile:


Since I am very active, I need to use antiperspirant. I have tried deodorants but they never masked the smell of my sweat. I would love to find a natural deodorant that would work as well as antiperspirant.


This is very informative and have followed this topic for several years, and I then switched from antiperspirant to all natural. It fascinates me how many people are still unaware of these case studies and links.


This is great info! I barley smell and than randomly I smell horrible. Its random(or not) I think something triggers it. I have not figured it out yet though!


Stress and aggravation can trigger body odors


Wow Im really impressed with all that information. I cant remember if I but in my bio but i was a RN for 20 years and i learned more about how body odors are created and what triggers then and how they used to be treated , in 20 mins of reading than I did in 20 yrs of nursing huh, they say you learn things new every day. :wink: I have noticed it seems like we are going full circle because I have noticed a lot of companies going to “natruatl” deodorant. I I really have not had a problem with sweat until, yep ladies you got it I turned about 45, 46 and i started sweating more than i ever have, so after reading this I would definitely like to try it. Im so long winded hehehehe :joy: