🗞 Dermatologists: What do they do, qualifications, and procedures



“Some practitioners in spas and beauty clinics call themselves dermatologists, but they do not have the correct accreditation.” Wow. I didn’t realize these people pass themselves off as dermatologists. Why put yourself in a position to suffer the risk of malpractice?


I would think that if they thought they could fool someone they probably will. Besides if they are an esthetician they probably think they know enough to try to treat a condition.


I really love my current dermatologist. She seems genuinely caring and wants to help me. I’ve been seeing her for around 4 (maybe more) years now and she still gives me samples of one of my acne medications rather than having me buy it because it’s disturbingly expensive. The doctor I went to was a real jerk and did nothing to help me. He blamed me for my skin issues and was very blunt. I was in my early teens then, so I was extra sensitive about it too and got upset. There’s no way he’s actually qualified lol.


Bedside manner & genuinely caring - so important. Glad you made the switch, it sucks to find new professionals so kudos to you for not just sticking with the familiar.


I went to a dermatologist right before high school and she was amazing too. I was really excited to finally talk with someone who knew about skin types more than what a normal doctor could tell me. She brought up getting laser surgeries but I never went through with it as an adult. Makeup helped me cope, but in reality being in a relationship with someone who wasn’t worried about my appearances and accepts and loves my skin for what it is has been amazing. I took the dermatologists skin care recommendations to heart and a lotion she told me about I still use!


I would hate to be on the receiving end of their lack of knowledge. No medical school is required for them so there’s a tremendous difference between the esthetician and dermatologist.


This has always concerned me because a lot of places (nail salons and beauty bars) actually perform what are technically medical type procedures on people and you can never be sure if they know exactly what they are doing and god forbid you get an infection or something. No thanks.