Disgruntled with Daily Face Wash


I’m a creature of habit and when a beauty item I’ve used since I can’t remember gets discontinued I’m lost. Help! I’ve used Clearasil Daily Face Wash forever and now that’s it’s gone I haven’t found the right replacement.Just this past month I’ve gone through four different types of face wash (1 per week), and nothing is working the way my old stuff did. I feel like it’s the 2% salicylic acid that’s the key ingredient to keeping my skin happy and spot free. Does anyone have any recommendations of a daily face wash, without exfoliate, with 2% salicylic acid or a good replacement?



My current morning face washing is the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, but that doesn’t have salicylic acid in it. But I know I’ve used plenty that had that in the past that I’ve liked and I found a few others that might be good! All of these are oil free, either cream or gel washes, and have at least 2% salicylic acid, but some didn’t specify exactly how much. I’m also linking everything from Ulta, hope that’s okay!1.) Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Gel - "Medicated, oil-free foaming cleansing gel helps clear breakouts and blackheads. Unclogs pores. Helps control oil. Skin feels fresh, soft, calm and smooth."https://www.ulta.com/acne-solutions-cleansing-gel?productId=xlsImpprod120912032.) Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash - "Residue-free. Oil-free. Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). MicroClear technology. Salicylic acid acne treatment."https://www.ulta.com/oil-free-acne-wash?productId=prod50217983.) Neutrogena Cream Cleanser - "Skin is left refreshingly clean with no pore-clogging residue. Your complexion looks fresh and healthy: Feels smooth and soft from deeper, more thorough cleansing. This clean-rinsing, daily cream cleanser contains beta hydroxy to penetrate deep into pores, dissolving dirt, oil and make-up. It also removes dead surface skin cells that can dry, roughen and dull your complexion. Softer, fresher skin will emerge."https://www.ulta.com/cream-cleanser?productId=prod5022797



I used to use the same cleanser, Neutrogena as alot of great cleansers and so does biore. I use Laneige Multi Cleanser, I have oily/combo skin and it works really well at removing all the excess oil but isnt drying. They have a great skincare line, Sephora has a try me pack which includes the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and mask so you can try out all the products before purchasing the full size. Ever since I started using these products my skin has been so much clearer ( I used to get blemishes all the time prior), brighter, and looks so much healthier!



The one that I use now, which is actually a generic of the Neurtogena Oil-Free Acne Wash has 2% salicylic acid in it and seems to work well for me.
but, I STILL get breakouts on my chin when I’m highly stressed or do not change my pillow case enough.
Also, it seems that when the cats rub my chin or the dog licks me on my chin I breakout.
I’ve found that this cleanser works well for me.
Another line I LOVE but that is so stupid expensive is the L’Occitane
Aqua Reotier Water Gel Cleanser.
It’s $24 a bottle but it is the only thing that seems to help any acne that I already have heal more quickly.
I also use the Aqua Reotier Moisture Prep Essence
(also $24) in the mornings and the Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel
in the evenings when I my face is healing up.
If I don’t have any acne, I stick with the Up & Up brand.https://www.target.com/p/deep-cleaning-acne-treatment-9-1oz-up-up-153-compare-to-neutrogena-oil-free-acne-wash/-/A-14898738https://usa.loccitane.com/aqua-reotier-water-gel-cleanser,82,1,93008,1227396.htm#s=84205https://usa.loccitane.com/aqua-reotier-moisture-prep-essence,82,1,93008,1227397.htm#s=84205https://usa.loccitane.com/aqua-reotier-ultra-thirst-quenching-gel,82,1,93008,1227398.htm#s=84205



Can’t help on the wash but did notice a Top Care dupe for Biore nose strips that is every bit as good and much cheaper.


I love First Aid Beauty skin rescue acne clearing charcoal cleanser with probiotics. This stuff is amazing. It has 2% salicylic acid, active charcoal, and probiotics. I believe it has truly helped my skin because it’s much clearer and I rarely breakout now. When I use this, my skin feels so nice and clean, looks more even and bright, and it never strips my skin. It is recommended for all skin types and it’s cruelty free. I highly recommend it and I use it everyday. You can find it online at Sephora if you’re interested.



I went looking for my favorite facial acne product and found out it is discontinued too!!!

What a sad day!

Anyway…it WAS Aveda Balancing Infusion Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment.
This stuff is amazing and lasts a LONG time.
I am about out now, and I am so sad to see it’s not available anymore!



I love this cleanser from Derma-E it’s gentle and can be used daily. I have dry skin so i have to watch my facial cleansers. https://dermae.com/collections/cleansers/products/hydrating-cleanser-with-hyaluronic-acid



you can still buy it at the moment online, from a lot of different online websites.


LuckyVitamin.com has Insta Natural Acne Cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid.



My favorite go to in the morning is the Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub and I mix in a little Osmosis Cleanse.
Both of these are medical grade and I feel they really work well for my mature skin.
If you are wanting to add a Salicylic or other type acid I do recommend the Sanitas Glyco Solution it comes in 5%, 10% and 15%.
This is medical grade and incredibly strong.


I tried the face shop foam cleanser and wasn’t impressed. Recently I got CeraVe hydrating cleanser, it doesn’t have
salicylic acid in it but it’s working good for me. I have combination skin.


the closest face product i could find to the one you use that has been discontinued is by clean and clear. clean and clear has always worked really good for me, and my mother loves clean and clear as well. i hope this helps



I was going to say the same thing. I’ve been using Clean and Clear forever and it never lets me down. Currently I just use the night time one because when I got the day time one it smelled amazing and got used up quick.
As silly as it might sound, I also use my Neutrogena Wave device that I’ve had from like 2010 still.



When I had chronic cystic acne I tried every imaginable cleanser. Then I found my holy grail, AcneFree Acne Pore Cleanser. It uses Benzyl Peroxide instead of Salicytic. But I personally found it to be much more effective. You may want to try eBay in the meantime to buy more of your favorite cleanser.Only AcneFree clears skin 24 hours a day with patented continuous-relief Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide: reducing oil and eliminating the bacteria that cause acne.Clinical tests show that AcneFree reduces sebum – the oil that acne bacteria thrive on – and keeps pores clear of the impurities that lead to breakouts.



I used to work for Aveda and that was their TOP SELLING product!
WHY would they discontinue it?
There has to be some kind of replacement for it as they don’t discontinue top sellers unless something is replacing it.


Neutrogena products have worked for my skin.
I am going to look into the generic version from Up and Up.
great suggestions!


I know!!!
I used to work in an Aveda Salon and this was like GOLD then!
This was nearly 20 years ago though.


BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Acne Treatment Gelee Cleanser.
A little more expensive than some of the suggestions, but I like it.
Info on some of the ingredients (taken from website):-Mineral-rich Sea Salts: Cultivated from the waters off the coast of Brittany, these sea salts, rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium, help purify and refine the skin.
-Salicylic Acid 1%: Fights acne blemishes at the source and prevents new flare ups from forming.-Ginger Root: Widely used as a spice and natural flavor for thousands of years, and revered as a medicinal herbal remedy.-Peppermint: A refreshing herb known for its astringent properties.



I use Shea Moisture Afircan Black Soap Clarifying Facial Wash and Scrub. This does have exfoliating properties (little gentle scrubby beads), but no salicylic acid. It uses tea trea oil
to help with breakouts and it smells really good. They sell a little travel size at Target if anyone is curious about trying it, but doesn’t want to buy a regular size tube.