DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner


Have any of you ever made your own makeup brush cleaner? I’ve used the Ulta brush cleaner for so long and ran out recently and desperately needed something but didn’t have time to deep clean with shampoo. I looked up recipes but didn’t have many of the suggested ingredients, so I ended up mixing 2 parts water with 1 part rubbing alcohol and it works surprisingly well! Some recipes called for witch hazel and essential oils, but I don’t think those are necessary.
I think real brush cleaner works slightly better because I have to spray my brushes 1 or 2 extra times depending on what’s on them, but it’s still great for in between deep cleans or quick color changes! If you’ve ever made your own, what ingredients do you use?


I’ve had people suggest using ivory soap. A friend of mine says it cleans brushes well. I just use a mix of Castile soap a little rubbing alcohol and water. It seems to do the trick. If you use a sponge I found a gentle facial cleanser helps get all the makeup off of it. You can also spray it with a alcohol too. I think it also might depend on how much product the brush picks up over time. I have an eye shadow brush that i have left in soaking in eye makeup remover and it still has pigment on it.


I have been cleaning my brushes and sponges for about a year now with Dawn dish detergent. I have found it to work efficiently when letting them soak in warm water with the detergent for about an hour or so and then I wash them individually with a dab of the detergent and they get super clean. Foundations and high pigments seems to just soak right off of my brushes. My sponges I do the same thing and then I put them in the microwave a few minutes to pull all the water and any left over suds out. Its something I always have on hand and it works great.


I mix Dawn dish soap with olive oil. It works better than all of the brush cleaners I’ve tried!


To be honest, I just use some baby shampoo and clean them that way. Works very well and the shampoo is gentle so it will not ruin your brushes.


I just use like a drop of dawn dish soap mixed in with water.


I wonder if there is an essential oil or even if borax would work. Something all natural would be ideal. Anyone tried anything all-natural?


I’ve used Castile soap and it seems to work well.