Does anyone still use Copper Peptide serums?


I remember years ago copper peptide creams and serums were really popular along with retinol. But now I don’t see anything about them. It was supposed to be good for skin remodeling - according to Dr. Pickard.

I don’t or has anyone I know use these creams, however, A copper supplement is what some Gals That I know do use for the complexion. I have also known about Retin A found only in RX. I hear that 70% glycolic acid is used in the professional dermatologist office as well.

Thanks Diane.

A few years ago I remember reading (in several popular magazines like Vogue) that dermatologists recommend copper peptides and Retin-A for younger looking skin.

A few years ago, my friend had her skin lasered to remove wrinkles and her plastic surgeon gave her prescription cream to help the skin heal and it was blue and it contained copper peptides.

Also, Dr. Pickart sells a whole line of skin care based on copper peptides. They say copper peptides actually heals skin and helps remove wrinkles. But, aside from that, I never see copper peptides advertised or use in skin creams and wonder why? Hmm…