Dry Brushing Skin


As I was getting ready this morning, I came across a brush I had purchased a few years ago for dry brushing my skin.It was one of the many good intentions I have had, but didn’t ever use faithfully.I was wondering if anyone does dry brush their skin and if so, what benefits have you actually seen from doing so?I know it did help me with exfoliating, but because I used it such a short time, I didn’t see other benefits.Looking for motiviation to try it again!Thanks!


sorry wish i could help, but i have never used that before.


Yep, I still have my dry brush I got from a massage about a year ago still in the little bag. At the time I thought I’d use it more, but really I forgot how or why I would use it!


I’ve looked into it, but I was always worried they would be too harsh on my skin. I think it might
just depend on the brand and the quality of the bristles on the brush. And I know people use it on their face too, but I don’t think that’s one I’d ever try lol. But so many people claim it makes their skin much smoother and brighter and can improve blood circulation!
This is the set I was originally looking into getting! I know you already have one, but the description just has more information that I figured might be helpful! :slight_smile:https://www.amazon.com/Minamul-Luxurious-Brushing-Detachable-Bristles/dp/B01HC0KE7O/ref=sr_1_30_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1527703662&sr=1-30&keywords=dry+brush



I did not know about “dry brushing” ,
the benefits sound promising.


I haven’t tried it. So I can’t comment.


I LOVE dry brushing!

Since I have started dry brushing (about 3 years ago). I have noticed, smoother softer skin, a reduction in cellulite, it has also been the only thing that has worked for my KP (tiny bumps…I had them all over my upper arms especially).
Dry brushing invigorates me and gives me more energy…sounds silly but it’s TRUE! I have also noticed my skin tone on my legs appears much more even! It is great for the lymphatic system.

I posted a link in another thread…but you can just google “benefits of dry brushing” and get loads of info.


This is my first time hearing about dry brushing. For softening my skin, I shower with exfoliating gloves.


I have read about dry brushing and I’ve used a dry brush before, but didn’t keep up with it. Really I should do it more because I
need more exfoliation in my life.


I would like to understand the difference between dry brushing and exfoliating shower gloves.


Never heard of it.


I’m going to buy a dry brush soon. It sounds like it’ll help my KP too.


I have also used exfoliating shower gloves.
Dry brushing is WAY more effective!
After using a dry brush, exfoliating shower gloves are a joke.


I am motivated to try it again…more diligently this time.
I have read of all the benefits before, but it is nice to hear from someone first hand that it really does help.
Thank you!


This is the first time I’ve ever heard of dry brushing, but I am definitely interested. I really want to try this out now.


Does it really make a difference what kind of brush? Does it have to be labeled for this purpose. This sounds like it feels great, but it’s new to me.


As long as it has NATURAL bristles like boar’s hair
(not made of sythetic fibers) you should be fine.

I buy mine on Amazon, and I have also bought one at bed bath and beyond, and even discount stores
and Burlington Coat Factory.
They are located with the bath and beauty areas in those types of stores.

I have seen a few at Walmart during Christmas time in gift sets…those were synthetic bristles…stay away from those!

Here are some examples of what they can look like.
The pic with smaller brushes are facial dry brushes…I have one of these, but have yet to try it on my face.



Super helpful!




I really don’t prefer this method.
I rely on a great body wash with exfoliating and I use an exfoliating wash cloth and sugar scrubs.