Dry Shampoo


I have been looking for a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave a powdery residue, does anyone have a recommendation? I tried a spray that I could smell all day and night that absorbed oil better than others but it really was too heavy a fragrance for me to consider it again.


I’ve never tried any of the dry shampoos.
I guess for me if I need a dry shampoo I need to wash my hair.
Just my personal feelings.
I’ve heard they are great and wonderful but I’m going to stick with shampoo and conditioning.


My hair seems to stay “fresh” for a day, I can’t style it much if it’s always damp.


I’ve tried a couple that I really liked! I personally don’t think they have too strong of a scent, either. The one I’ve repurchased multiple times and currently use is the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak (original formula.) It’s pretty cheap too, $5.99 and you can get it practically anywhere.https://www.ulta.com/clean-freak-dry-shampoo?productId=xlsImpprod3560097I tried a sample of the Amika Perk Up from Birchbox and really liked it, the only reason I haven’t bought the full size is because it’s $25 and I already know I love the Clean Freak one a lot. But it’s still very good!https://loveamika.com/products/perk-up-dry-shampooThese last two I haven’t tried, but have heard incredible things about. The first one is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day. I’ve heard from multiple people that it’s the best dry shampoo they’ve ever used. It’s cheaper than the Amika one, but still $23.
https://www.ulta.com/perfect-hair-day-phd-dry-shampoo?productId=xlsImpprod13031193Everyone also seems to love Batiste too and it’s more affordable at $7.99. I’m not sure about the others I listed, but I know Batiste also makes them in colors and scents too!https://www.ulta.com/dry-shampoo?productId=xlsImpprod2040049



Thanks! I’ll probably try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak first and go from there


I have a few favorites, I like Hask Monoi Coconut, Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo, and Loreal clay dry shampoo. i have very dark hair so i always stay away from the ones that cause the white poweder.


I’ve never used a dry shampoo. I don’t think it’s for me.


I’ve tried a few, but I just felt like I was spraying powder onto my scalp to mask things…
Reminded me of middle school where you’d douse yourself in cologne instead of taking a shower.
I’m open to trying it again, though, thank you for the suggestions @jesslosgar


I don’t mind the powdery ones and use them regularly. I would probably recommend a foam dry shampoo instead. It might weight your hair down if its straight like my hair is.



i haven’t tried any yet, i haven’t had the need for one.


I’ve never tried one.


I love a good dry shampoo, especially if it gives volume and body to my flat hair. I love the Dove volume and fullness dry shampoo, it helps fluff up my hair and I really enjoy the scent. I also have been trying a sample of the Amika perk up dry shampoo, it smells very nice and does a wonderful job of absorbing any oils and volumizing my hair. I don’t find that either of these leaves a white residue on my hair, but I use them sparingly and always hold the can a least 8 inches from my head. I also let them sit in my hair for a few minutes and then I massage it in and brush my hair. I don’t like the Garnier Fructus dry shampoo because it seems to irritate my skin and makes me breakout. I have also read that some brands make a dry shampoo for brunettes, it’s supposed to be a darker color and never leave that white residue on dark hair. I’ve never tried it, but I’m definitely interested in whether it works.



I love PSST’s dry shampoo and I just got their dry conditioner which is funky.
It’s good for my hair which can get kind of dry and stiff when i use dry shampoo in it.


Hahaha I’ll never forget the scent of someone walking into the classroom and they very clearly took an Axe bath!


I’ve seen some tutorials on how ot use the products and I keep thinking they spry powder in their hair. I know many people who have oily hair use them often. I just can’t handle that I think.


I have tried one that was highly recommended by a friend. She swears by it. I didn’t really see much difference in the hair and definitely did not feel like my hair was cleaner. Even though I appreciate saving an hour here an hour there, I don’t think it works that great for me.


I also have never tried dry shampoos. I’m very religious with my hair care routine and keeping it clean so I’ve never found any reason to try them, although I’ve heard they are great to throw in a gym bag for those days at the gym.


I’ve never heard of foam dry shampoo, this is so cool! I need to try this!


Honestly, I use dry shampoo in my freshly washed hair to give it some body before I do a morning straightening with my blow dryer.
It’s nice because it isn’t sticky like a hairspray or styling spray might be, and it allows me to style my bangs without them ending in a gritty sticky mess.
I like several brands but my very favorite is from the Ion line that I pick up at Sally’s Beauty Supply stores.

The Ion line also has three other products that you might be interested in: Multi-benefit Refresh Spray, Style Extend Serum and a Dry Shampoo Powder.
I have heard great things about the Dry Shampoo Powder, but I have yet to purchase it and use it.



If you want to try an all natural version without the nasty chemicals just get some arrowroot/cornstarch (for lighter hair) and cocoa powder (add coacoa powder for darker hair) mix it together and use a makeup brush to brush onto roots.

The actual recipe is 1/4 cup powder and 5 drops of essential oils.

For dark hair use 2 tablespoons of each powder.

The darker pigments in cocoa powder blend in better for brunettes.