🎓 Dry vs Dehydrated Skin


I feel for your sister!
She not only has a dryer climate against her, but also the higher elevation!
After living out west for nearly 2 years…and then moving back east…I see dramatic changes in my skin and body.

My hair and nails would break off, my facial wrinkles we’re more noticable, my skin was dry, flaky and chapped, and I felt very light-headed and had headaches MOST of the time.
After moving back east I feel as though my body is flourishing…hair and nails are healthy and growing, wrinkles seem to be MUCH less noticable,. It’s almost like an aging reversal.

I will have to find pictures to illustrate this.


Looking at this, I know my body skin in dry, but the skin on my face has a tendency towards dehydrated. I drink quite a bit of water and I take a fish oil supplement so I don’t have as much of an issue with my face drying out, but I do get a few breakouts here and there and my body is usually on the dryer side. I tend to double moisturize my body by using body oil or in shower body lotion while I’m still wet and then I towel off and lotion my body. This has really helped keep my body from being super scaly and dry, especially in the winter.


I had never thought of this!
I thought I was helping my dry skin by drinking 3 liters of water a day but really I just need to replenish the oils on my skin.


Do you ever have issues with rubbing in the lotion after an in-shower oil application or in-shower body moisturizer?
Those tend to be pretty occlusive, and in my experience it can be difficult for skin to “drink” lotion after in-shower treatments (especially if they are mineral oil or petrolatum based - it’s just tough for lotion to penetrate that kind of protective barrier).


While reading this, I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics “how dry I am, how dry I am!”


I really haven’t had problems, but I usually use moisturizers with natural butters and/or oils in them (like Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus) and the in shower lotions I use aren’t super duper heavy (Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer or Nivea In Shower Body Lotion). I did experience what you were talking about when I used to use the Olay in shower body lotion, but I did discover that lotion kind of sat on top of it and it wasn’t really doing anything but making my skin feel dryer and making my tub a dangerous slip and slide. :smile:


I haven’t done the skin test in ages and today I just have dry skin but it still prompted me to reach for some water. This was a VERY informative article - thanks for sharing! :smiley:


she is doing pretty good, she has been using baby magic lotion for her skin, baby lotion mixed wth baby oil and that is working great, still haven’t found a body wash to work for her yet, still looking, she uses oil of olay for her face and that seems to be helping a little, still looking for one that works better, and as for her hair she likes pert plus 2 in 1 deep conditioning. she is partial to this because she grew up using it. it has worked for her, but she still has to go to the salon to get a deep conditioning treatment twice a month.

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Very interesting, I always just thought I had dry skin but I’m also dehydrated!


I’ve been suffering an oily skin during summer as well. And the biggest problem of it: it causes acne. It might help you, but I found a solution that keeps my skin nice during the warm time of the year. I started using this Soaps while I’m at home. Put it on your face, wait for15-20 minutes until it dry and wash away. Hope it’ll help you as much as me!


I love La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ it is a
fragrance-free body balm is formulated specifically for super dry skin. My niece haa eczema and can’t live without this stuff

. The shea butter, niacinamide, and glycerin soften and soothe, while prebiotics keep skin’s microbiome— which, when out of whack, can exacerbate dryness — in check. $20

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well according to this i have dehydrated skin. very insightful. great informational posts.

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I know that I have problem dry skin and this is what helps me: drink tons of water (literally), drink only 1-2 cups tea with caffeine, use a vic humidifier in my bedroom at night, moisturize my skin every time I bathe or wash my hands within 2 minutes after. Moisture eye drops, tranquil eyes at night. Try to stay out of overheated, poorly ventilated environments, have real plants in your home.

I have had that feeling on and off my whole life and it always gets worse in winter- when I was a child if I went for a walk in the cold air the skin on my face would get red and painful and I had to put vaseline on it to stop the pain :roll_eyes:


Wow, very interesting info! I believe I have dry skin. I tried the pinch test and my skin bounced right back.


Yea I always knew I had dry skin but never knew about dehydrated skin so this was very informative for me.