Where do y’all go to check out dupes for skincare products?Temptalia is pretty reliable for makeup, but I am in dire need of a dupe for Clinique’s Take The Day Off makeup remover.I got this new eyeliner that is so quick drying and long lasting that I cannot take it off.


I like nutragena oil free eye makeup remover.

They make generic or store brands for it too, if you want to save even more money.


I don’t buy any high-end makeup so I haven’t really had a need for dupes.


On reddit.com/r/skincareaddiction they have a thread about dupes! It might be linked in the sidebar but I will check Tom o and find it.
Those people know their skincare and I learned so much from that subreddit.


For myself I would love to find a dupe of magnolia orchid lemonblossom refining cream and of skinceauticals triple lipid restore.


Dupes are great cashwise, but gotta admit I see them a little the way I see generic prescription drugs. Most of the time they work great and are a savings, but every so often, there’s just something about the original that refuses to be copied. May everyone need fewer and fewer of the meds, more fun and better for your head to take a nice long
moisturizing soak
using your favorite dupe!


I follow a few of the Instagram dupe pages.
They have some really great recommendations.


For the Clinique Dupe check out Heimish cleansing balm on Amazon.


i use dupes for a lot of products, and they seem to work great. but i don’t know of any dupes for clinique.


Some beauty products from Target I’ve found are equivalent to Clinique especially make up removers and face washes


I have been lookin for one for that to, i actually started using it after looking for a dupe for dermalogicas pre cleanse balm which is super expensive. Im still on the hunt, so far nothing even has come close


If you are looking to remove eye make up try bioderma
it takes off everything, i wear water proof mascara and eyeliner and it works great. If its a extremly hard to remove mascara or liner i use too faced mascara melt off or fractionated coconut oil and it gets it right off.


I can’t offer any help here. But I do believe that with the plethora of skincare products there is bound to be a less expensive duplicate for most of them. When searching for something I find that when I google it, everything comparable to it is listed as well.


I usually turn to YouTube, the gals there can really find some great alternatives.


I would check with your local beauty supply store or Sephora.


Who do you watch on youtube?


I agree with MarshaWoods, because I usually check out dupes videos on YouTube. I’ve found a few great alternatives for high end products by watching these videos.


I never really actively look for dupes, but I think I would turn to YouTube first. Pictures can be edited really easily, but I feel like it’s harder to edit how pigmented a swatch looks if it’s a video. Just seems more reliable to me!


I know Walmart makes a dupe to the Clinique Take the Day off Balm, but I don’t know how good it is. I love the Clinique one, too, so if there’s a dupe out there, I’d love to hear it.


Pinterest is my go to for all things make-up related (and most other things). I’m sure just googling “what is a dupe for…” would help with finding a direction to go in. I hate when I fall in love with a product that is a little pricier because I know that there probably will be a point where I don’t want to pay that much for it and I’ll have to go on the hunt for something similar. I’ve been lucky enough to find some dupes at Sally Beauty Supply for some pricier hair products as well as WalMart for some lotions and skincare products that aren’t necessarily expensive, but aren’t cheap either.