E y e b r o w s


I’m going to ramble a little in this because my thoughts on this are plentiful but not very organized. Eyebrows are a part of your face that you can change drastically and by extension change the shape of your face while still passing as a “natural” look. How natural your brows are depends on how you do them and what sort of products you use, but if you wanted to do a “no-makeup makeup” look I feel like eyebrows would be the first place to focus. Trends around eyebrow shapes have been historically influenced by things like the popularization of film (higher, thinner, expressive arches) and wars (limits on cosmetics made fuller brows more popular) and lately social media’s need to find the newest weirdest thing. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to spark conversation on how the other CC members do their brows and compile resources on eyebrows.


My eyebrows have always been super light and sparse so I rarely need to do any maintenance on them. I tried filling them in once and while it looked pretty in photos, I couldn’t get past not being to recognize myself. My mom has the same “issue” so I suppose I have her to thank! :rofl:


My eyebrows are full, but not thick. They have a natural arch that I like. They were once a unibrow, but not monstrously so. I went through a phase where I had them threaded and liked the results, but not the pain. Then it dawned on me that every time an eyebrow hair was pulled out from the root, there was a likelihood that those hairs would not grow in the future.:anguished: I had seen the unfortunate and unattractive result of that in a neighbor when I lived in Maryland. Her “eyebrows” were literally lines drawn on with a permanent marker, a “surgical” permanent marker. So, I just keep them from growing together and let them do their thing.


I have been paying more attention to my eyebrows more lately, most likely because of current trends. (I sometimes feel embarrassed to admit that I am even influenced by trends) I’ve been looking into tinting my brows just for a more polished look because I don’t really do full makeup and I feel like that’s a way to look like I did a little bit without actually having to do too much. I don’t really do anything else to my brows except for brush them to keep them going in the same direction and I fill in sparse spots with a brow pencil when I’m going out. I don’t tweeze or pluck them because I don’t feel like I’m good with that kind of thing and I know plucking one wrong hair can mess up your brows until they grow back. (if they grow back :thinking:)


Crazy idea, you could lean on the community by posting a pic of your eyebrow situation asking for feedback :crazy_face: We could create a poll…

No pressure.

It’s interesting, I think a lot of people just like to change up their look. Seems to be more women than men, we’re too pragmatic. “Why would I change, I like my hair/pants/shirt/Wednesday Dinner/etc. the way it is”


Since I just started playing with makeup this last spring, eyebrows were a whole new thing for me. I’ve never had them waxed, never plucked them … really I never did anything with them. I have very full reddish-blonde brows so I just never thought about shaping them or penciling them in.
I do have one brow pencil but I usually don’t use it because I don’t particularly like how my brows look afterwards. I don’t like the “drawn on” look. So I found a brow kit that is based on shadows and a highlighter for the brow and I use that almost daily. It darkens in my brows a bit so that they are more pronounced but not horribly fake and drawn on looking - if that makes sense. In the kit there is a darker shadow that you apply first with a thicker brush. Then the next color is lighter that you apply with a thinner angled brush to fill in spots. The last color is a highlighter that you use below the brow line to give a nice highlight point that makes the brow look more natural. I love the little kit and it was quite inexpensive. It is a Cover Girl kit called Easy Breezy Brow and I purchased the Blonde kit. I’ve had it for about 4 months and I’d say it will probably last me the rest of the year!



@GypsyRose_03 I finally gave in and tinted my brows, more to get rid of the grey that came creeping in as my hair turned, but yes, do it! Now that the rest of the hair is almost all silver/white, except for a little that’s left of my original color and the occasional treat to it when I’ve got some brow tint left and streak the rest through my hair with a small brush, I feel so much better with the brows tinted. Without it, I was looking really faded any time I was stressed or tired.

I use a product called Godfroy (through Amazon) that utilizes henna. It lasts quite a while, so you don’t always have to be at it. My concern with them right now is the last batch doesn’t mention brows on the box, so I’ll contact them and see if the product has changed or a problem surfaced. I’m open to any other product the group likes, but this one is quick and easy.


I used to absolutely hate my eyebrows in early high school because I thought they were way too dark compared to my hair color. They’re slightly darker, but it seemed more dramatic back then lol. I started getting them threaded but stopped after the second time because the pain just wasn’t worth it. I ended up plucking them too much and even tried shaving in between my eyebrows (which I really didn’t need to do) and took off a small part of my left eyebrow by accident. I love my right brow, but the left one is the ugly stepsister. I still pluck, but they’ve grown out a decent amount since overdoing it. Other than plucking, I just very lightly use a brow pencil. Enough to fill in the parts that didn’t really grow back right, but not too much to make them look darker than they already do. Quite frankly I’ve grown to not care too much about them. In terms of makeup, they’re probably the part I care about the least. I actually never do them when I do “no-makeup” looks because I kind of just think they’re fine on their own and when I use product, I end up looking a little silly unless I use so little I may as well just use none at all!


As a young teen, I had pretty much a Frida Kahlo thing going on with my brow(s), but time and a lot of tweezing somehow took care of it. Now, the occasional tweezer clean up at the edges and underneath gives a natural look. They’re thick, but I like that. I have thought of trimming them because they tend to be long (yeah, I know!) and beyond wavy. No matter what I say to them as I brush on the tint, they refuse to make it easy by straightening out! Anyone have any luck achieving straight brows that didn’t start out that way? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Great topic! My brows already have a slight arch. I’m actually practicing with filling them in with a dark brown brow brush. :smiley:


Maybe try what men do for their beards, oil them and use a boar’s hair brush?


Worth a try, these things have minds of their own!


I just barely received a package from Amazon that contains Castor Oil and applicators for my lashes and brows. She swears by it assisting in the growth of her lashes (which seriously go on for MILES … like little spider legs!!!) and it was cheap so I thought I’d try it. I literally just got it not more than 30 minutes ago. Can’t wait to take it home and try it to see if I get some more length and thickness to my eyelashes and some evening out in my eyebrows.
And yes! I included a link! Aren’t you proud?!?! :clap::clap::clap:



@RedBastet Thanks for sharing and explaining the steps. I just checked out the kit on Amazon. Too bad Covergirl doesn’t come in dark brown. I recently purchase Rimmel brand powder brow pencil at Walmart. I’m still practicing and getting better with applying it. I dislike the fake look either.


I believe they carry four different shades, one of which is a rich brown. Even the blonde is dark so I bet the rich brown would work for you. You can find them at Walmart and Target as well so you can look them over to see what they look like in person.


i tend to leave my brows alone. I’m always afraid i will over pluck them. I try to clean them up my pulling stray hairs.


I had to google Frida Kahlo. With the exception of her brows being a unibrow in some pictures, I actually liked their appearance, full, thick and naturally dark.


I inherited the caterpillar from my grandfather (he had about 5 hairs left in between his brows at age 87 so I know that it was not going to magically disappear). When I was 8, my mother waxed the middle out and she continued through high school, even doing my friends eyebrows during sleepovers. I have heard that waxing isn’t as precise, you can rip out too much, and many other negatives but I really hate having to tweeze. Tweezing takes a long time with thick, dark eyebrows and my tweezers seem to miss those important wonky hairs. I recently watched some videos about eyebrows because I haven’t found the shape I love yet, the one below seemed the most helpful, you can look on the Senna Cosmetics channel for other help.

I haven’t tried Eugenia Weston’s technique yet because I am a bit wary but I think I will definitely try it because I have let mine grow out. The fact that she made so many stencils is pretty wild! As a final thought, I really don’t like the Instagram eyebrows that are ridiculously thick. They look pretty terrible up close but it seems to be a lasting trend :roll_eyes:


My eyebrows are pretty thin, and very little hair on the and so I always have to fill them in. im terrible at shaping them so I always get them waxed at a salon, but I have been very low maintenance with them the last few months and they look horrible. its definitely true eyebrows, such a small par of your whole face, can drastically change the way you look.


Yes! Super helpful, thank you Brooke.

Up for a Before & After photo?