E y e b r o w s


My eyebrows are pretty thin, and very little hair on the and so I always have to fill them in. im terrible at shaping them so I always get them waxed at a salon, but I have been very low maintenance with them the last few months and they look horrible. its definitely true eyebrows, such a small par of your whole face, can drastically change the way you look.


Yes! Super helpful, thank you Brooke.

Up for a Before & After photo?


Most definitely. I’ll start with a before photo this evening after I wash off my makeup and before applying the product. Then in a few weeks I’ll take another photo. We can compare to see if there’s any difference at all.
The bottle states that it also softens dry cuticles, lessens the appearance of stretch marks, and promotes hair growth (on your head) if you add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner. Interesting! I’m going to have to read up on Castor Oil I suppose. All I remember is my grandmother threatening me with it when I was a bad girl at the age of five years. LOL!!!



I think I remember scenes like these out of the movies. Taken orally? It’s a laxative :poop: ! Strange punishment for any age, let alone 5.


I don’t know that I’m brave enough to put a picture out there and to be the subject of a poll, but all of the comments everyone has made have been really helpful. Also it lets me know that my feelings about my eyebrows are pretty common and it seems like most of us just want to look put together with minimal effort. They say eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so I try not to be too discouraged if they don’t look exactly the same on both sides.


I just remove the hair from them that I feel are extra. I have a slim face and so I don’t change the shape, but just make my eyebrows a little thinner. It’s hard enough to shape them so I just pluck some hair.


I have what i like to call bert & ernie 's super thick and bushy


Thank you. I will definitely check it out in Walmart to actually see the true color of the rich brown. I will purchase if the shade is dark enough. The Rimmel brand color I’m using is dark brown and the color matches well.


@Freedom… She was an interesting person with an interesting aesthetic. For what it’s worth, they made a really interesting movie about her life a few years ago, starring Salma Hayek.


Yes@Emgie. According to Wikipedia she had a very interesting life. I remember that movie, but I haven’t seen it.


I have thick, dark eyebrows. I used to go to a salon just to get the strays cleaned up, but they always removed too much. Looking back at some old pictures I notices some of them I barely have any brows and look ridiculous. Since not a single “expert” could get my brows right (how hard is it to just remove the stray hairs and leave the shape alone?!?!), I took the plunge and started doing my own maintenance at home. I found that if I pluck a few hairs that pop up every day, then I always look like I have fresh brows and never need to go the extreme of waxing and possibly removing too much.

I attempted brow makeup once just to see what it was like and it looks awful on me. So I just stick with trimming and plucking strays. I don’t care if thick or thin or anything else is in, I am sticking to as natural as possible when it comes to my eyebrows.


Finally got to email Godfroy re: changes, since the new boxes don’t mention it being appropriate for brows. It seems there is an ingredient in there that the FDA is sufficiently concerned about to not have it listed as safe for anything near eyes, I don’t know what it is yet, hope to know in a few days. Meanwhile, back at the mirror… Anyone have any ideas on a safe, natural product that will turn my increasingly grey brows into something near their original black? I thank you, my brows thank you.:pensive::cat:


@Emgie I can’t vouch for how effectively this will permanently color your eyebrows, but I did use coffee in my hair once. I didn’t add the other ingredients mentioned, but I noticed some subtle shading.


Might be worth a try!


Love a before and after if you do :wink:


I’m trying to get my eyebrows to grow back from years of plucking them thin


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I have very thinned out brows that have always been that way and I still find myself being very minimal with them. I’ve tried different types of brow looks and products and still just find that for me, they look better more naturally than altered.


i just pluck mine. maybe i should try something new and different


My nana taught me to always follow the natural line underneath the eyebrows. I still do too. Now remember she was teaching a young one. Never pluck from the top and take an old makeup brush and soften each brow . :heart: My nana was wise and lovely.