Ear and Earring Cleaners


I normally forget to clean off my earrings until a few months go by and either my ears hurt or I decide to change my earrings. I’ve got double-pierced ears and had them pierced when I was a teen. I’m getting low on the cleaner that I got when I originally got my ears pierced at Claire’s. Does anyone use anything else besides the marketed earring cleaners to clean off their ears before changing their earrings or as maintenance? I wonder if I used a gentle facial cleanser if that would work…



I think all that the ear care solution is sterile saline solution.


i order mine off of claire.com it only costs $8. but i haven’t used anything else.


Honestly I just use plain rubbing alcohol. We always have it in the house anyway and I think it works very well. When I got my tragus pierced though, I got a bottle of whatever the solution was they sold there. That was maybe 5 years ago though so I don’t remember the name, but it was a white bottle with a black and purple design. I used that until it was gone and haven’t bought another one since then. When I was a kid and first got my ears pierced, my mom always cleaned my ears and the earrings with what’s in the picture here. It’s not my picture, but I knew I’d know the bottle when I saw it haha.



Bactine would work


I think this would be more of a healthcare question


Like someone else just commented, I always use rubbing alcohol. It does the job and is super affordable and easy to find.


Straight Vinegar. It is disinfecting, cleansing, natural, safe, inexpensive and will not ruin precious metals nor most stones.


For super sparkling jewelry I use a toothbrush and then put it in a ultrasonic jewelry machine like the jewelry shops use. It gets those impossible to reach areas and makes your jewelry sparkle and shine like it did when it was brand new.


For disinfecting the posts I use Witch Hazel. For cleaning the actual earring, if it’s sterling silver or gold, especially with a diamond or CZ, I use an old toothbrush with toothpaste. It brings them back to their original brilliance.


I just use a little rubbing alcohol to wipe my earrings down. I never knew they sold products to clean earrings, to be honest.


So I looked it up since I didn’t know what Bactine was, and this actually would be a great option for me. (It’s an antiseptic, pain-relieving/cleansing spray). Thank you for the recommendation.



Yeah, Claire’s does have a good solution. I’ve only ever used it!


I’ve never thought of using vinegar but I’ll try it and see how it works! I used to work at a big-box wholesaler so I’ve got plenty of it.


That’s very interesting. I’ve been wanting to get some of my earrings to sparkle again and this sounds perfect.


I also use witch hazel on my ears and earrings. Its gentle and doesn’t tarnish anything. I use peroxide and baking soda to clean my earrings, especially when there’s little nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned. The solution bubbles through the earrings and gets everything out.


My weakness is Clinique Toner #4 and I use it to clean the inside and outside of my ears.
That’s the only reason I use that particular product and it just works really well for me.


I have used hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning things. Normally I only use it when I’ve got a nasty cut but it’s always an option. Hopefully after seeing all of these posts though I’ll remember to clean my earrings more frequently :slight_smile:


Public Service Announcement:Hydrogen Peroxide is no longer recommended for wound cleaning, studies have shown the concentrations available for sale can actually delay wound healing.
Current advice is soap & water.Scientific Study: