Email regarding food true or false?


i seen other forums about foods that are good for your skin, i thought i would share this. Try These Foods Rich In AntioxidantsIf you want to eliminate the dangerous free radicals in your body’s cells, then it is essential to consume foods that contain antioxidants. This nutritional substance prevents oxidation, helping to reduce your illnesses along with maintaining a youthful appearance. By protecting your body’s cells with antioxidants, researchers believe that you can prevent health conditions such as cancer. While shopping for groceries at the supermarket, make sure to look for these foods that are rich in antioxidants. TomatoesTomatoes have richly colored skin and flesh, indicating that this food is high in antioxidants. Most tomatoes are red, but you can also find orange or yellow varieties in some supermarkets. While tomatoes are actually a fruit, most cooks use it as a vegetable, and you can find an assortment of tomato products, including:- Spaghetti sauce- Tomato juice- Tomato soup- Diced tomatoes- Ketchup- SalsaIt is easy to consume several servings of tomatoes each week because it is a versatile food. Dark Leafy Green VegetablesYou can find numerous types of dark leafy green vegetables that you can eat raw in salads or on sandwiches, and there are also dark leaf green vegetables that you must cook to eat. Some dark leafy green vegetables are kept fresh in the produce aisle of supermarkets while other types are frozen, making it easy to store the foods in your freezer. Here is a list of popular dark leafy green vegetables:- Brussels sprouts- Spinach- Kale- Broccoli - Turnip greens- Romaine lettucePlan to eat dark leafy greens on a daily basis to ingest valuable antioxidants. Beans Beans are an important source of plant-based protein, but this food also has antioxidants. You can cook canned beans, or you might prefer dried beans instead. There are several varieties of tasty beans that you can use in soups, salads and side dishes, including:- Black beans- Kidney beans- Pinto beans - Navy beans - Butter beans Beans are also high in fiber, helping to satiate your appetite faster. NutsNuts contain a lot of calories, but this food also has antioxidants that can protect your body’s cells. Remember that a portion of nuts is small, but you can eat this food for a snack or add it to baked goods. Here is a list of delicious nuts:- Walnuts- Pecans- Almonds- Cashews- HazelnutsYou can find fresh nuts still in the shell, or you can buy processed nuts that are in small pieces or slivers. FruitInstead of eating a sweet pastry for a dessert after a meal, choose delicious fruit that contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can find a variety of frozen, canned or fresh fruit at a supermarket, including:- Strawberries- Cherries- Grapes- Oranges - Plums- Raspberries - ApplesExperts recommend eating several servings of fruit each day, and an apple or a few grapes are perfect snacks. As you begin to eat more antioxidant-rich foods, you will notice how much healthier you feel on a daily basis.


I need to find and post that super food soup recipe I mentioned in another post.


that sounds interesting a superfood recipe. yes please post i would love to try it.


Considering the many anti-oxidant rich foods, many of them very reasonable, that surround us, I’m always amazed at how many people short themselves on eating them!


thanks for sharing.


Which email list is this from?!?

I’m glad you shared it, because you should remove yourself from it, I question any value it could be providing.

I’m sorry, but reading this list made me cringe, it just didn’t offer anything.
Some vegetables should be cooked?
Some are kept fresh and others are frozen?Is this news?


yes it is news it is emergency health update and/or alerts emails.

#8 is where these are coming from to my email


Got it, thank you for providing.
Here’s a tip I found from them for preventing summer bug bites:####Take Precautions for Sleeping
Bugs often prey on people who are asleep and at their most vulnerable. To avoid getting bitten while sleeping, it’s best to take precautions such as:
Changing and cleaning sheets oftenUsing a bed netLighting repellant candles####OK, I’ll buy the bed net.
Seems kinda 1800’s, but probably effective, and depending on where you are in the world, necessary.Can’t say I agree with lighting candles for sleeping though :)Speaking of bugs, I’m bugged when sites don’t have authors with photos and dates of when articles are written or links to any outside information.
Honestly, it just looks like old school SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used to try and lure site visitors to click on their ads.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that, you just have to have great content, and so far I’m not impressed.


i don’t back what they say i question it thats why i post it in here.
its just an email they send out with weather alerts when you sign up for those and i agree with you about the candles while sleeping i didn’t read the bug bite one. i only copied the ones i seen similar to forum posts in the group.

#11 when you sign up for these emails it sends out those as well to your email.


Got it.
Again, I’d try to be more specific about what your purpose is so people know how to respond.
This blurb is just kinda posted without a prompt, and I wasn’t sure what you wanted out of it… was it something to share because it’s funny, because you’ve found it helpful/educational, because you are looking for a second opinion, or what.
I felt this post was the equivalent of handing me a paper saying “here”, and I’m left going… uh, what did you want to happen with this? :)Yeah I put the comment for the bug bite in there because it was one I found while quickly clicking around their site, that was another example of less than stellar advice.


i want second opinions


Th e Internet is a good thing and a bad one. Information can be quickly and inexpensively shared. The bad news is some
very mundane and/or old info gets out there (admittedly, if you haven’t heard it before, it’s new to you). The worse news is, everyone’s an expert. Their info may be right, wrong, self-serving or a little on the short side. We’re going to need a more critically thinking populace, including being willing to compare info from several sources, to make sense of it. There’s some very strange stuff out there, and some of it is strange because the writer didn’t take a day to think a little more (like candles burning while you sleep). Others, the writer needed to do a little real research before hitting “send”. After that, the sorting is up to us.


and i was hoping to get it sorted by posting it in here :slight_smile: very good point emgie