EO Roller Blends


I made my favorite EO roller blends for my kids teachers as an "end of the year/teacher appreciation gift."I have been making these for about 4 years now.I took a little more time to make them look a little more gift-like and prettier.Here is what the finished project looked like.



Those are very nice and in my opinion, people love a hand made gift rather than a bought one. Im sure those will be an absolute hit.


What a great idea!
I’m a teacher and I would love those as a gift!


I hope my kids teachers like them! My son (1st grade) apparently just gave her the oils…he said he thought he was supposed to keep the giftbag himself.
He did say his teacher said “Thank You!”
My daughter (4th grade) said her teacher loved them!


Very cute and thoughtful!
Any teacher would love these.
The labels and gift bag make them extra special, well done!


what a great gift. Something unique and personal.


Thank you!
It’s nothing near as beautiful as the packaging our body wash samples came in…but with my limited resources and supplies (what I had around the house) this is the best I could churn out in a day.


Very thoughtful gifts! I also think the fact that you gave teachers a remedy for “headaches and keeping calm” is insightful. :blush:I’m sure they’ll be appreciated and become favorites!


Very thoughtful & a clever idea for the teachers!


I think those are gorgeous…you could probably make money selling them. I know I would buy them. You did a wonderful job and I am sure the recipients loved them.


Re: Pretty… You made it, beats a mug that says"Best Teacher in the World" or candy that someone’s been trying to avoid, for sure. Again, a little luxury to kick back with.


Those are SO cute! You did such a great job! I feel like teachers must really appreciate unique, well thought out gifts like this. You know they’re never going to get anything else like it!


Those are great. I love the thought that you put into it and it’s a really great gift as essential oils can be expensive to buy. Hand made stuff is really the best. I often give people gifts of baked goods and even if its just a simple snickerdoodle, I get a lot of positive feedback just because they are homemade.


would love to see some pics of your baked goods!


These are just a few. I have to organize my pictures.



Those all look delicious! That second one is really calling my name lol, what’s in it?


Wow! Those are beautiful. I’m sure all of the teachers you gave them to appreciated them.


The first is raspberry thumbprint cookies, the second one is chocolate cream pie with the graham cracker crust and mini chocolate chips and Heath crumbles on top, then brownie cookies with walnuts, last is a strawberry shortcake made with a homemade brown butter poundcake.
The chocolate cream pie is actually my first time making it and the filling is just the new simply Jell-O pudding and cool Whip.I also just wanted to apologize to @achalala11.
I’m not trying to hijack your post or anything. Honestly I’ve been trying to think of what I could even post in these forum ( I haven’t posted any questions or anything yet) because all of you guys seem to have all of these cool things going on, but I guess maybe I do have something I can share.



I started it, you can blame me!
Your treats look delicious.
Why not start a new thread so we can chat about baking?
I’d love some low-carb recipes if anyone has any :slight_smile:


Don’t apologize!!!

Girl, this is what happens in a real conversation!
I love seeing and people’s ideas and thoughts!

I will say your posts are making me hungry and crave some sweets!

I may hijack one of your recipes!