Essential Oils?


Does anyone experiment with essential oils?I do and I love them!I make my own beauty and body products with them, diffuse them, clean with them, and make my own theraputic roll on blends.Personally I don’t buy from MLM companies.


I love essential oils and trying different kinds.
I am a big fan of lavendar in the diffuser and topically for relaxing.

I also love lemon grass diffused during the day.


I use essential oils in my homemade cleaning or air freshener products. I don’t usually use them for myself.


I am the same.
I buy essential oils from Amazon by 4oz because it gets expensive getting those little 10ml bottles.
They never last.
No MLMs for me, either! I mostly use them in my silk lavender and flaxseed eye pillow


This sounds awful, I know, but besides beauty products and scented baths, if you soak cotton balls in
eucalyptus or peppermint and tuck them into areas where ants may be coming in, it’ll smell good and the little darlings hate the smell and most will leave without you having to kill them. Don’t know if this works with TX or FL ants, I understand they’re a whole different thing.


I love essential oils. Like others, I don’t buy from Doterra or Young living. The prices are pretty high. I like to order from amazon and often you can find sales on them. I would like to buy more blends with rollerballs for easy application.I really love lavender oil even just for the scent.
I use tea tree oil for my face and any other skin irritation I have. I also use peppermint to get rid of ants and spiders. Did you know if you sprinkle cornstarch where ants are coming in, they take it back to their nests and it kills them and stops them from coming back?


I love essential oils.
I like to diffuse them or put them in my bath water.
I also make homemade bathbombs with them.

Peppermint, tea tree oil, and orange are some of my favorites.


I’ve never really tried using them, but I’m interested in trying them out now after reading all the comments.


I like essential oils in my products. I like how lavender smells and I have some conditioner with coriander and some sort of mint.


I use essential oils for ants, too!
My partner is sensitive to strong smells so I try to keep them away from him.


I rarely use essential oils.
But I do have the Vintner’s Daughter and love it.


I make my own toothpaste with essential oils and it smells fantastic. Definitely helps remineralize my teeth and has fixed the sensitivity issues I was having. Jade Bloom has a “university” where you can get $30 of products free which is pretty cool for trying new essential oils/products.


. I graduated Jade Bloom’s University for the free oils!


Gypsyrose_03 and Yogadork…I buy mine on Amazon too!!!
It boggles my mind why people would spend so MUCH more through mlm companies…I have even read in depth studies and those MLM brands are NOT anything special or more pure than much more reasonable theraputic essential oil brands you can buy on Amazon.


Tea tree oil is amazing, gets rid of so many problems! We’ve been doing corn meal, instead of cornstarch. My kitchen window frame looks like I’m getting ready to make muffins, but that and the oils seem to be chasing my little would-be roomies!


Great tip about the cornstarch! I will definitely be trying that —teeny tiny ants are all over my kitchen sink area :pensive:I’m new to essential oils, but I thought some were pure and others are mixed with cheaper fillers, making them unsafe? If you love a brand, please share the name(s)!


i haven’t tried essential oils my skin is too oily for me to risk it on my face.


I love essential oils! I use them to make beauty products and use them in my diffuser


I use an essential oil diffuser. I add

lavender essential oils to water.
I get very nice sleep.


I also do steam inhalation. It helps me in treating any of my symptoms with
flu or cold.