Excess Product Purge - Ashley Hunt


OMG with this challenge @Melissa_Levick I feel like you jumped right in my head! I have all my excess “junk” half empty bottles and products I haven’t used for a while all on this one shelf in my bathroom, above my washer and dryer! It is such a mess and has been driving me crazy lately, so I’ve been wanting to clean it off…so looks like I’m gonna get that done! :confused:
I will post an embarrassing pic to show y’all what I’m talking about, and you will understand why I have been procrastinating. Since I had all that up there everyone else thought it was a good idea to throw and stack stuff on top of there too…so now it’s a huge mess! Dang it… I am such a procrastinator! But now I will get it done for sure. :expressionless: IDK why I have to be such a hoarder! But finally glad to be getting it done! :grin:

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So here is my messy shelf! :scream::unamused::confused: I have no clue why some of this was placed up there, but like I said, everyone else thought it be a good place to store junk too!:joy::joy::dizzy_face: LOL

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And this is the shelf I used to dry my brushes on, it has stuff on it too! :astonished: That’s not so bad though! 💁

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I cleaned out my medicine cabinet this afternoon… There was nothing in there I needed to through away, but it does look better now!

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Oh wow, I so need to do the same thing so bad.


Yay, got my shelf cleaned off and organized…I feel so much better! Here is what I’m throwing away from that mess!!!


And this is the only things I kept!!!


And now I have to scrub my wall behind the shelf because the boxes that were on there drew in moisture and stuck to my doggone wall! :unamused::unamused::scream::scream::scream::astonished::astonished::astonished::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::confused::confused::confused:


After all that mess, I think I’m waiting till tomorrow for the other shelf! :joy::joy:💁💁