Excess Product Purge - Elizabeth Oliveri


Here are my latest product purges.

Some are empty and some don’t work as well as new products that I have found. The hairspray is about 3/4 empty but I have other brands that work better. The Pantene spray is empty. It smelled great and helps to protect from heat styling. The Origins primer is empty. It was a little weird to use (it goes on cold and foamy) but it is nice to use in warm weather and helped my foundation last. The NYX palette was a birthday gift from Ulta a while ago and I just finished it. Nice colors that lasted. The lip balm is empty, the NYX glitter roll on has a little left but it is old so I will toss it. The blue tube is Rimmel Mascara. I toss all mascara after 3 months. It was a good waterproof mascara. The Maybelline concealer was great, but I can’t get anymore out even though it looks like some is left.


I have that concealer, just purchased it a month ago. It works well, I’ve been happy with it!


Yes, once you find the right shade it’s a nice concealer. It covers my dark circles very well.