Excess Product Purge - Samantha Spadea


I was actually due to do this for awhile now! I would stare at my messy, overfilled cabinet and know I needed to toss some things, but just couldn’t do it! So here are all the things that are just old or haven’t been used in months! And a pic of my now nicely organized cabinet :blush:


Looks great! I need to do mine now.

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I see some of my favorite products :slight_smile:Grown Alchemist and AHAVA​:heart:

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OMG I could so use that hyaluronic acid…and what do you think of the carbonated bubble clay mask??? I’ve been thinking about trying some!

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I think my heart would break if I had to throw away anything from Laneige.

That fresh mask isn’t my favorite either though but I really love a lot of their products.

As for the Elizavecca bubble mask, I am jelly. I applied to try that one but missed out. I do have some other great products from them however. Solid brand.

I swear I get something from Briogeo in like all of the subscription boxes. I almost have enough of them to open my own hair salon ROFL

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I really liked the bubble mask! I only threw it out because there was only a little left and it got dried out. I would definitely use it before a shower though, because it’s kind of a pain wiping it all off!

I love products with hyaluronic acid, but that one made me break out! I got it in a lightning deal on amazon, it had good reviews, just didn’t work for me!

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I only had a little bit left of the laneige!! Lol! It actually wasn’t my favorite though, it made my face feel kind of itchy when I was wearing it for some reason. I found the bubble mask on amazon, I definitely recommend it, it made my face really soft.

Omg yes, i get so many of those briogio products in my boxes!


if you sign up for 08liter u can sample and review tons of kbeauty by brands like elizavecca. I already got 3 from there :wink:


That’s so cool!! I just tried to sign up and every time I try to check out, it asks me to verify my phone number, but then they never send a code? Did that happen to you? I’d love to be able to do this!! I love samples!!