Hey All!I found an informative article about exfoliating and I wanted to see what everyone thought of it.What do you use to exfoliate?


I’m looking for a good dry brush too, if anyone has good recommendations!


I go cheap! I like St Ives a lot, several of its products over the years. One of the reasons is that even though scented, it is light and doesn’t seem to overtake the room. Apricot scrub, yum!


For my face, I often use a little baking soda mixed into my regular cleanser (which can vary). On my body I try to use a sugar scrub (if I have one), otherwise I use an exfoliating cloth when I am in the shower. They are inexpensive and are long enough so that you
can scrub your back easily.


Please share, would love to read it


posted in another forum about this, she might be able to make a recommendation.


My wife has the
Clarisonic Mia.
I might use it sometimes.


I use the Clarisonic and love it.
for exfoliating I usually use st ives, but i am trying out a new one i found from a brand called Ling New York its there Triple Action Exfoliator , its a natural formula with crushed almond. Its super gentle on the skin and works great!


I use a mix of a gel cleanser and a facial cleaning brush.


I have a few ways of exfoliating.
Sometimes I use gentle face scrubs.
Sometimes I use a rechargeable cleansing brush.
Sometimes I use my derma roller for an at home microderm abrasion. My favorite two methods are face scrubs and alpha hydroxy acid/beta hydroxy acid chemical peels.
I don’t recommend the chemical peels without a lot lot lot of research.
It has been a game changer for me personally so I do it once a week for ten minutes at night.
It isn’t for everyone and you can easily burn your skin if you don’t research first and start with low percentage of AHA/BHA for a very short amount of time like five minutes every ten to fifteen days and slowly work yourself up to once a week.It really has begun to lighten my scars, make my pores smaller and even out my skin tone.I also sometimes use enzyme exfoliating.

This is all for my face.
For my body I use my homemade simple scrub with carrier oils mixed with eucalyptus bath salts.


I use a variety of products to exfoliate with. But, lately, I’ve been loving the Loreal Paris Kiwi Pure Sugar Purify & Unclog Face Scrub. It makes my skin feel so soft and clean and smells really good. I love this stuff!


I use ProX by Olay brush and a variety of facial scrubs.
I really haven’t tuned into one that I absolutely love…
But I do like the battery operated cleansing brush.


A good dry body brush is any brush made with natural bristles.
Boars hair is the most mainstream natural bristle.
You can order on Amazon or even snag one at Marshall’s or tjmaxx for around 5 bucks.


I’ve been looking on Amazon for a good dry brush too. I used to use Tree Hut Sugar Scrub. Mine was a Pomegranate Acai. It smelled amazing.


I love pomegranate acai flavored stuff!


Dry brushing is the next exfoliation I am going to experiment with!


I use the St. Ive’s blackhead clearing scrub on my face once or twice a week and the Daily Concepts Facial Scrubber once a week with whatever other face wash that isn’t also an exfoliator. For body, I use an exfoliator from a local spa called Shear Design. It helps a lot with my Keratosis on my upper arms!


I love using a dry brush! Also in the shower I use a Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus body scrub. It works great!


My go to favorite for my face is Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub it’s the best.
For my body in the shower I use a sugar scrub but I always have a bottle of the Caress Tahitian Glow on hand.
My favorite is my exfoliating wash cloth I purchase from Walmart.
I love exfoliating.


Exfoliation is so great for the skin.
I usually try and exfoliate twice a week and mix up what I use.
I’m a fan of all natural sugar scrubs which work well and I also really like glycolic acid serums or toners too!