Experience shopping for anti-aging/wrinkle or acne products


Has it been challenging to find a product that works for you?
Did you find one that works, or are you still searching for your product?
How many different products have you tried?
What decision making process did you go through to make your purchase?
What is the best way you’ve found to shop for these products?


I have literally searched for years for effective skincare products to even out my skin tone. When the hyperpigmentation was more minimal, I would see slight results from some products. But as it deepened, those same products no longer worked. And I have tried a plethora of unsuccessful products. My search always began with google searches for, “Best proven products for…” I would generally find out what ingredients “experts” said were effective for that issue, then proceed to look for products with those ingredients. I would diligently read reviews. I generally always start with the negative reviews to see if there’s a common thread. If enough people mention the same negative aspect, I typically move on to the next product. I look for before and after photos to see if anyone had the same skin issues I’m dealing with that had success with the product mentioned. Unfortunately, after going through all these steps for years. I have yet to find a product that actually works. I am in the process of doing chemical peels that are actually removing layers of skin, so I’m optimistic about that. I will report on my progress with the peels.


Okay. So. Sadly I’m a cheap chick. Okay. Let’s say “bargain” chick.
I’ve been shopping at places like Marshall’s, Ross, Burlington, TJMaxx, and others.
I’ve found a ton of products, but again, I’m cheap, so after joining this community, I’m guessing my efforts are futile in a way. Yeah?
I haven’t found anything, yet, that sparks a comment/post.


Thankfully I don’t have acne. I’m starting to develop wrinkles and I have tried the Olay pro-retinol eye treatment and it seems to be working good so far.


Despite what sounds like a solid approach, it sounds like you’ve been on quite a journey. I think others may have also had issues finding products that worked, I’m just wondering how many other people share your situation.


This is an area I should be better at taking “before” photos. I like the feel of a product on my skin, but then I am not sure if it really is helping the wrinkles. Are there less or are they at least less noticeable? Would I have deeper wrinkles if I hadn’t used the product? A lot of questions I am not sure I have the answers to. I often use Olay serum and lotions but I have done searches for effective products and tried many others–nothing crazy expensive though.


From what I’ve read on MUAC, makeupartistschoice.com, a great deal of the testimonials dealing with hyperpigmentation had been unsuccessful finding an effective product before discovering chemical peels and the other products MUAC sells.


I haven’t really found anything that is life changing. I’ve tried this set from Derma-E but still have some wrinkles. well larger ones actually


This stuff is amazing! The key is to be consistent which I struggle to be sometimes. :slight_smile:


it has been extremely challenging for me, every time i find a product that works it gets discontinued and i am left to hunting around again. i have tried countless products and am still trying some. i always try to research the products, and i also read the ingredients, but there have been time i purchased just for a scent on certain products, and that has worked on a couple products and failed on other products. the best way to shop for a product , that has worked for me these days is receiving samples first.


@RedBastet Lots of good stuff for faces, but when you see your skin start to go crepey in places (forearms, hands probably from washing constantly at work, and years of NJ Shore sun) panic alarms go off! Recently, on a friend’s recommendation, picked up Gold Bond Strength and Resilience lotion. Going to have to take out a magnifying glass to read the instructions and then I’ll probably freak out all over again, but it does seem to be helping and it comes from the grocery store!:sparkler:


Most don’t really work tried most, some work but extremely expensive, I’m not cheap but I love bargains. Roc night time cream works relatively good, and not that expensive about 20 to 24 dollars. Other than that a lot are a scam.


I feel like I’ve been trying anti aging type products since I was in my mid 20s. I don’t look my age necessarily, but I’m hoping that taking better care of my skin will help me stay youthful. One thing I recommend for all skin conditions is finding skin oils that work for you. That is my secret. :slight_smile: I don’t even use moisturizer anymore. I use a few drops of some kind of oil (sweet almond, rosehip, argan a few essential oils if I have some (lavender and tea tree)) and a little bit of pure aloe vera gel. This weird minimalist approach keeps my skin relatively clear and I don’t get those dry patches I used to get from harsh acne treatments. Yes, I still break out from time to time (ugh, hormones), but my forehead is not a minefield of acne like it was in my teens and early 20s.