"Extra" Skincare


For the majority of the years since I first started using any type of skincare, I only used the basics like acne treatment and moisturizer. Over the last few years, I got more into an extensive skincare routine where I’m also using serums, oils, etc. Sometimes I honestly question whether it’s all even necessary. How do you feel about it? Do you think sticking to the basics is all you really need, or do you think those “extra” products truly make a difference?


I think it depends on the person. It may also depend on your routine. I like to keep it simple. I’m not one for the let’s have 7 steps to wash your face. To mee that’s just too much work.


I truly believe that the extra steps and time you take in your skincare routine do make a difference, especially as you start to get older. At least they have definitely improved the look of my skin. I have fewer breakouts, my pores aren’t as big, my skin looks brighter and more even than it did when I was a teenager. Someone complemented my skin a few days ago and it made me feel really good about all the extra steps I have added to my routine over the years. When I was younger, I only did cleansing and moisturizing. But now I also use serums, oils, masks, eye creams, and anything else I can find that may improve the health of my skin. It’s also nice to take the time out for yourself to do something good for you ( I really enjoy my little skincare rituals every morning and night).



I, as well, feel that those extra steps are worth it and needed. Having combination skin and very oily during summer months, I have to change my routines and types of products I use to prevent excessive oilyness. I have found that a good serum along with your moisturizer really helps to moisturize better but during summer months, depending on what my skin is doing, I will use the serum alone. Alot of facial oils contain antioxidants that help fight wrinkles and fine lines because they absorb quicker. It is really just a matter of your own skin concerns and what you want to do to combat them but taking extra steps can definitely be beneficial.


I also really enjoy taking my time doing my skincare, it feels very relaxing. And I’ve never tried these products, they look interesting! I definitely want to try the face masks. Thanks for sharing!


it depends on your skin. some people need the extra products and others can just keep it at, the basics. everybodies skin ages differently. i like the extra’s at times and other times i keep it at the basics for awhile. but i wouldn’t say anything isn’t worth it, if it helps.


I think it depends on your skin and also on the time you have to dedicate to product. Sometimes it’s fun to spoil yourself with a parade of good feeling products, but my guess is that most people really don’t need to do that on a regular basis. There are so many products now with multiple benefits, I think the smartest and most sensible move is to figure out what you need the most for your type of skin and then, when you get some extra time, treat yourself to a few of the others, a personal little spa day. It might just wake things up a little, getting something new.


I totally agree with this sentiment. Some women can roll out of bed and literally use what she bathes with on her face and be totally stunning in appearance. Others not so much. I find that extras work well for me. My sister who is older can get away with the bare minimum.


I think the extras are needed on an individual basis.
Many skin care lines that have a “basic” 4 or 5 step set…you can buy extra products for specific needs.

Personally I use a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer daily.

But I will also occasionally use a por mask, exfoliating scrub, serum, wrinkle treatment, eye cream, or a more deep moisturizing night cream as I see fit.
Just depends on how my skin looks and feels at the time.


I’ve stuck the basics most of my life, with just ivory soap, lotion and some toner. As I’ve gotten older (I’m fixing to turn 38) I think that has helped me, but I’m also not one to wear make-up a ton. I think it depends on the items you use on your skin daily. If you use a lot of makeup items then doing all the scrubs, oils and so on can definitely help clean out the gunk on your face and the clogging that can occur with daily life. As I’ve gotten older I have introduced more and more steps. I now use a moisturizer, eye cream, serums and recently I’ve fallen in love with face masks. I have tiny lines around my eyes and my mouth but I’ve been lucky. :slight_smile:


I think you’ve got 3* MUST-DO’s which should be part of your routine, regardless of whether we’re talking about face or body:Cleanse: You need to clean your pores with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type, to remove excess oil and dirt.
Appropriate for your skin type means a cleanser just strong enough to get the job done, which in many cases means it must be very gentle.
Strong cleansers remove too much oil, which can cause problems.
When cleansing the face, I would recommend using products specifically for the face.
Generally cleansing one to two times per day is recommended.Moisturize: You need to replace hydration, lock in moisture, and restore the barrier function of your skin after cleansing.
Depending on your skin type, and strength of your cleanser, the type of moisturizer you choose will vary.
You may need different moisturizers for different parts of the body, and to treat different conditions from time to time.
I recommend a face-specific moisturizer when moisturizing your face.
Generally moisturizing one to two times per day is recommended.
Note: I would include SPF (sunscreen) as part of your am moisturization step in this critical 3 step must-do routine.Exfoliate: You need to periodically remove the
outermost layer of the skin in some fashion, either physically or chemically, to keep it healthy, prevent that dead skin from combining with your sebum and clogging your pores, keep it vibrant and looking healthy, and to prepare your skin for moisturizer.
Generally one to two times per week is recommended.If you’re on a budget (either time or money) and want to do something for your skin, this is the bare minimum, and will give you great results.
Everything else is nice to have, or for treating specific issues (spots, wrinkles, blotches, loose skin, acne, bumps, etc.)The extra stuff is wonderful, don’t get me wrong.
Especially if skin care is your hobby, or you enjoy a nice “self-care ritual” which I think is super important today.


I use so many different types of products and I’ve been asking myself the same thing. I have an entire basket on my sink full of different facial cleansers. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to have multiple brands/types of a product if one fixes all of your problems. I’m trying to use up a lot of products so I can find out what will work best for me. I’ll probably still use an acne spot treatment, have an acne wash, and a daily cleanser. I’m also still searching for a new moisturizer.


I agree with you. I enjoy a good exfoliator once in a while but due to my skin type I normally just need a gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out my skin.


I agree with others that “extra” skin care depends on the person. As I get older I actually do less to my face and body routine, but the products I use are better and more effective. I used to just use anything on my 20 something year old skin. Once I hit 26 and I got pregnant and I couldn’t use certain products on myself I really started going towards more natural products. I don’t really use as many things, but its always something to remove makeup (coconut oil), cleanser, toner (witch hazel), moisturizer (oil, aloe vera gel). I used to try a lot of products I would find on Amazon or in the store without caring what the ingredients were and I had a lot more breakouts and skin problems back then.


I think that cosmetic and skincare companies have really failed the consumers with all of these wishful thinking products.I don’t think skincare should be so difficult.I think a great cleanser,RetinA, moisturizer and most important SPF is the key to great skin.


If you care for your skin and see it as more than just a chore to cleanse, moisturizer, and slough off the dead bits then I think you can really prevent many skin issues. Consider an elephant- it has wrinkles from it’s trunk to it’s feet, if that elephant only used facial serums and facial creams it would look pretty strange if only the face was smooth and wrinkle free after a while. If you only focus on your face, your overall results will be uneven. Treat your skin as an organ, one whole piece that needs care. Specific treatments are sometimes necessary but could buying all kinds of “reversing” products be avoided if you took the time to prevent aging and damage? Acne, scars, dry patches, and everything else has a cause. Look for the cause and address that so you don’t have to find the perfect product for skin issue X. The body doesn’t last that long so try to care for it now instead of dealing with future skin regrets.


I agree, everyone starting in their teens should have a 4 step basic skin care regime. A cleanser, exfollient, toner and moisturizer. And certain staples like SPF s, eye makeup remover and a weekly treatment or mask. And then speciality products for any areas of concern or skin conditions including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmintation, scarring and aging.


For my speciality products like anti-aging/collagen boosting serum and eye creams I seek products that incorporate multi-tasking powerhouses. This eliminates much cost, storage and layering. For instance my serum contains glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, and Ceramadies. My moisturizer and foundation an SPF.



Call me a millennial or whatever but I love skincare and beauty routines that look silly in selfies.
The sheet masks that look like animals or that one mask that makes you look super old before you take it off, the bubble foamy thing.
I love that crap and I always fall for it when getting skincare stuff.


I love this chart??? Thank You!!