Eye Bags.... where'd they come from, what helps?


I’ve had bags under my eyes since always. Like a lot of people, I attributed them to wearing glasses, to allergies and assorted other evil entities. Derma e eye cream works a little if I’m religious about it, which I’m not.What do you do that works?


I bought a Mary Kay product that was supposed to help my eye bags over a year ago. I haven’t tried it yet. Because you posted this, I’ll have to try it so I can be more helpful. But overall I’ve always thought that getting enough sleep and drinking water throughout my day normally has a difference on how bad my eye bags are.



Personally I don’t have much of an issue with eye bags, but my friend and her mother both love this Garnier Anti-Puff eye roller. Here’s how it’s described on the site: "This gel formula with Antioxidant Vitamin C, Mint, and Caffeine instantly cools and refreshes. The micro-stimulating roll-on applicator helps de-puff and reduce the look of under-eye bags. Roll away under-eye puffiness for a brighter, more rested look!"https://www.garnierusa.com/about-our-brands/skinactive/clearly-brighter/clearly-brighter-anti-puff-eye-roller



I know there are many different factors for eye bags as you’ve mentioned. I don’t really have a suggestion.


I also wear glasses and have found that wearing glasses magnifies anything going on in the eye area. Puffiness looks worse and dark circles look darker. If my eyes are really puffy I use refrigerated tea bags (also good for cooling down on a hot summer day). It helps calm down the swelling and it is very soothing. Also I have read that the tannins in the tea help with dark circles with repeated use.


I saw a woman get plastic surgery for hers and it made a huge difference but I just look like a raccoon because of my fair skin…


I found that sleep, water and exercise helps to reduce it. I am also religious about eye cream once a day ( tried multiple ones) and it helps too.


i take a full size ice cube, put it in a glad wrap baggie, wrap the baggie tight around the ice cube and rub it in a circular motion on my eyes and face for 20 minutes and it has always helped relieve puffiness. mine is due to allergies though.


YES! Exactly what I was going to say. Cold cucumber slices work as well. :wink:


You don’t have to post a photo of YOUR bags, but do you think you could post a pic of something similar to what you’re dealing with?


Good question. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. I’ve only experienced this problem as a result of an allergic reaction.


Thanks! I’ve used the tea bags for other things, maybe I need to try them again and more regularly.


I really don’t suffer with this so I would hate to give any type of advice.


Ive been using Laneige Eye Mask and it has made such a difference in the bags and puffiness around my eye area. It has a ceramic applicator to massage it into the skin and its very cooling
and soothing.



I live in East Tennessee so naturally I’m prone to seasonal allergies. A few years ago I had a period of 3 days where my eyes stayed swollen and itchy and my Dr suggested green tea bags. Although I do enjoy my eye gels, I still use the tea bags when I notice or have alot of puffiness. The antioxidants in them work wonders for the skin.


I have tried this and I have noticed a difference!

They also have a similar version at The Dollar Tree.
I picked one up and also have seen results.
Not as good…but for a buck, I figured I would try it out!


If this is what you are dealing with, they are fatty deposits which can only be remedied through surgery.Lowering your salt intake may help.
As a temporary measure, you might also try freezing aloe vera and rubbing aloe cubes on the area, as the application of aloe may cause some tightening of the region, reducing the bag appearance.Little blurb I found on scientific american



I got the Garnier roller and it looked like it was going to work, then it gave up!


Thanks, I’ll read it. Mine aren’t that bad but I won’t miss them if they go.


I think mine are due to allergies as well, I haven’t been able to ever really get rid of them.
Too much makeup just makes it look worse on my oily skin.
When my allergies act up which is the last 4 months and of course being tried.