Eye cream


Pretty much same here.
I have a couple of others but I don’t use eye creams every day because my creams and serums do a good job.
I only really use them when I am going all out on pampering


This is a new one I am currently trying, but it has coconut oil in it so I have to be careful to only put it close to my eyes and on my lips.
If I put it on my cheeks, forehead nose or chin it might break me out.
The smell isn’t the best unless you really like coconut.



I feel bad for not using eye cream (since I am into skincare and all), but I really have trouble using a whole bunch of separate products. I’m really working on finding a serum or something that doesn’t have a bad interaction with facial oils that I can use all over my face (including my eye area).
Also I know you’re supposed to be gentle with your eye area, but I can’t say that I am.


Sounds like a miracle cream!


I’ve had great results using OLEHENRIKSEN over the past 8 months.



I love this one too! I just ran out and decided to try something new, but its definitely one of my favorites!


I have yet to find one I can say I notice any difference in. I have used mostly olay regenerist products but I really have not been wowed by the difference it makes!


I tend to wish big!


Ive heard great things about The Ordinarys caffeine solution… I was just worried it may be a little bit drying. After reading this I’ll try it when I run out of my current product :clap:t2:


This is my little miracle in a Jar. It helps brighten my under eye and smooth out fine lines.



. Oooo la la!


I just use my moisturizer around my eyes


I have been following 2 Dr’s on YouTube Dr. Davin Lim Laser and Dermatologist and Dr Dray who is a Dermatologist in Houston.
Both of these Dr’s have stated that an eye cream is the biggest waste of money and it’s basically a moisturizer that has been diluted.
I have used eye creams for years and now I am finishing up the last one that I have and I don’t plan to purchase anymore.
With that being said use your moisturizer that you use on your face because chances are it’s more potent and you might see better results.


I’ve been getting into skin care lately and buying products but eye care is something I haven’t bought yet. I do get dark circles and im noticing some wrinkles in my under inner corner of my eye that I am not liking. But like someone above said I haven’t really heard of any that are good and work well. I’ve heard some say caffeine from the ordinary but then many say it does nothing. So for now I’ve just been putting my moisturizer under my eyes.
Mizon black snail all in one cream. I’ve only used it about 2 weeks so no noticeable difference under my eyes.


I used to really love the Este Edit eye cream, but they discontinued the line. The Algenist Eye Balm is really nice, but SO expensive. I’m intending to try the one from First Aid Beauty when I run out of samples soon, so I’m hoping that one will be good.


Eye cream is a fiercely debated topic for sure.
I think it’s a nice to have, but if you’re looking for an edge (especially if you’re a product junkie), why not?
Eye skin is different and more sensitive from other areas of the face… do they need a product different from a facial moisturizer?
Could they benefit from special expensive performance enhancing ingredients to reduce puffiness, increase moisture, reduce wrinkles, and lighten the skin?


This was one of those products which came up a few times in the Biggest Disappointments post.
Just goes to show there are so many products for so many different skin types.
Skin care is like dating, you’ve got to kiss a bunch of frogs…


Huh. That’s really interesting! I’ve gotten several free samples of eye creams, but have never actually purchased one. I’ll have to keep this in mind for the future. Thank you for sharing!


garnier ultra lift pro deep wrinkle dual eye is what i ended up sticking with, i have tried A LOT of eye creams and so far this one has worked the best.


however my aunt just uses vasoline
she is 50 something years old and you can not tell she is a day above 24 i guess it just depends, because vasoline makes my eyes feel greasy and weighed down no matter how little of an amount i put on my eyes but works wonders for her. i am 37 and look older then her in the face.