Eye cream


petrolatum seals in moisture and provides barrier protection, one of the reasons it’s in everything from baby rash ointment to Neosporin.
The greasiness is a big drawback though, most people don’t care for the look and feel of it.


i didn’t know that, i guess that is why it works so good for her.
i wish there were a less greasy version, so i could use it.


I’ve used plenty of eye creams but I don’t think any have worked that well. I bought a Mary Kay product last year (an eye gel) and I’m going to try it soon. I think when it comes to me though I just need to get enough sleep and drink enough water to avoid getting bags under my eyes.


I definetly use separate eye cream. Mostly because my facial skin is combination to oily, while my eye area tends towards dryness. So, I truly need a separate product for the eye area. I’ve tried so many different ones over the years, but my absolute favorite is Lancome Vissionarre for Eyes. I notice an INSTANTANEOUS difference in skin moisture, suppleness and softness without any greasiness. It makes my eyes literally feel baby soft like velvet.
I do not have dark circles or puffiness so cannot comment on how it performs for those issues. But I do know that Vitamin K helps dark circles and caffeine/tannic acid help puffiness.
I use eye cream exclusively for moisture building and retention and this one by Lancome is the ultimate in this area.



i have been using this, and i have seen a lot of great drastic changes to my eyes, it has made my eyes soft, and smooth, got rid of the rough feeling, has brightened my eye area significantly, it also lifted and shaped my eyes. it works really good, it is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny and it lasts for a very long time, it lasts months. it also got rid of my sagging and signs of stress around my eyes. it is a very great quality eye cream.


Interesting. What benefits have you noticed with this? How long do you keep this on the eye area?


I would love to try Murads Renewing eye cream it’s top of the line a little spendy but i would like to give it a go! It’s one of their best sellers!!!