I love it, use it even when I’m not wearing any other makeup. I’m looking for a change, have been using Rimmel and Almay. I prefer a really thin brush or pencil because I try to keep it more natural looking, usually blurring the edge with lavender or taupeso it sinks into my own eyelid color. Two problems, sensitive eyes and really irregularly placedeyelashes. Really, no such thing as a straight line (the color pencil or applicator helps.) Looks like i’s going to be a while before the company goes there, but in the meantime, who likes what?


I have zero eyeliner skills so I always use a pencil/crayon/kohl type of eyeliner. I can’t use those liquid or felt pens because they’re so messy for me and they tend to smear and fade on my oily eyelids. I switch up eyeliners relatively often, but I can say I haven’t seen a huge difference between more expensive ones and some of the less expensive (ELF/Wet n Wild) that I use. The more expensive ones are a little easier to sharpen and sometimes go on a little smoother.


I use a felt tip by stila and love it, it lasts all day without smudging, I also like bobbi brown gel liner applied with the Sigma e06 brush, its super thin and gives a very precise line.


I like the drugstore brands like Covergirl or Maybelline.


I love eyeliner but can’t do any special tricks with it so I go for a simple basic look.
I like the thin wet brushes over pencils but use either or both.
I use q tips to clean up my mistakes.


I love the look of eyeliner but I am horrible at applying it. So I usually don’t wear eyeliner, unless it’s a special occasion. My addiction is mascara, I wear it everyday and never leave the house without it.


I love eyeliner too and have never had too much issues applying but I have had other problems with it. I find most of them are somewhat harsh to put on and do not stay on. Even with waterproof eyeliners, I find that by the end of the day I look like a raccoon.
Many years ago, I picked up an eyeliner at a beauty supply store and it was perfect.
It went on soft and lasted all day. Super easy to take off. Because I have used it so much, the name of the eyeliner is gone and I have no idea of the brand. I have now bought over five different eyeliners at Sephora with a promise that it will be different but not so much. I wish I could go the liquid eyeliner route but just don’t see myself spending the necessary amount of time applying it


I like eyeliner on people that really know how to apply it correctly, but unfortunately I am not one of them, so no eyeliner for me.


I used to wear eyeliner a lot. Before I got married
last summer I tried a few new eyeliners. First I used
SMASHBOXAlways Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Eyeliner (from Sephora). It was expensive in my opinion (about $20). It lasted a month or so. I thought I worked nicely but is just not that long-lasting. It also wore off during the day but I’m in the same boat and only like a natural look when I do my make up.
When I got married I used something more durable but around the same price-point. It is a liquid-pen-style one called
KAT VON DTattoo Liner (also from Sephora). This one is waterproof or at least stays on a lot longer. I haven’t used this one up yet and would highly recommend it.
If you’re just looking for a pencil type of eyeliner and something a little less expensive, I used to use
Maybelline New York Line Express Eyeliner in Charcoal Grey (from Walmart). It’s about $5, is a pencil type, and will wear off during the day but gives a very natural look.
I hope this helped!


Thanks for the suggestions!


I’ve always felt like felt-tip liquid liners are the easiest to use as long as they’re a bit flimsy. I can’t use pencils for the life of me unless it’s just to tightline lol. One of my favorites is the Tarte Tarteist Double Duty Liner -
it’s very pigmented and easy to use and it also has a very creamy and thin crayon side and I think that’s the perfect formula for tightlining! I recently got the Nyx Epic Ink Liner and it’s AMAZING! Also very pigmented but much cheaper and no crayon end. The Ulta brand gel eyeliner crayon is also good from what I remember! Haven’t used it in a long time, but it’s cheap and I know I liked it :slight_smile:


I’ve used liquid liner almost exclusively most of my life. My first tube was given to me by my office who stole it from his mom and was scared she’d find his drag. I do use gel now and then, and I had a cake liner I loved. I really only use pencil of I am rushed or lazy, or wanta smudgey look. My all time favorite liner is discontinued in the US. NYC…I even wrote a letter I was so sad. The brush was perfect. I have yet to finda dupe I like. The felt tip pens piss me off. They dry out, lids pop off… But I have a NYX one that is OK.
I am also on the hunt for the perfect navy.


Because my eyes are petty small, I use black pencil in order to make them look bigger :slight_smile:


I’m not the best at applying eyeliner but have no problem at applying liquid eyeliner. I have 2 favorite liquid eyeliners

  1. L’Oréal Carbon Black Lineur Intense felt tip liner.2. Eyeko London. They go on perfect everytime.



I don’t use any type of eyeliner but I do tight lining or water lining every day.


I really prefer the “no-makeup, makeup look”. So eyeliner for me is super subtle.
I have some brown eyeliners from Maybelline and Rimmel.
I usually just line partially like < of the outer part of my eyes.
Sometimes I use an eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner.

I have makeup brushes of all sizes that I use for application.


I’m an eyeliner fan as well.
Dependingon the event or time of day, I switch between pencil and wet liner.


I really like Honeybee Gardens Smoking Gun eyeliner. It’s a shimmering charcoal color. Their eyeliners are jojoba based and free of junk.


Wet n Wild is probably my favorite brand due to how well they do vegan formulas.
Their felt tip potted eyeliner is the most affordable way to learn how to do winged eyeliner.
They come in so many colors!
Last easter they put out like an easter colors set of eyeliners and I got a white, baby blue, and soft pink eyeliner and I’m about to throw them out I’ll miss them so much!
No one expects baby blue winged eyeliner!


Think I’ll hunt that one down, looks really good.