Face Mask Review: Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask


Okay, I have a major face mask addiction… I also have combination skin and my pores on my t-zone like to get big. So I try a lot of different ones. (Sheet mask, mud mask etc…) I tried a new one today that I wanted to share with everyone. It’s Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask. As soon as I applied it I felt it starting to tighten, I let it dry and after 10 minutes I removed it with warm water. It came off really easy with no left over residue. It says it’s supposed to brighten and detoxify. After I removed it, I applied my normal moisturizer. It visibly made a huge difference in my pores and brightened my overall complexion. It also left my face baby soft. This mask goes in my YES category! :heart:

I’ve got a few more I plan on trying soon. When I do I’ll post my experiences here! Anyone else have any they would recommend? Or not recommend? :slight_smile:


I have a few masks I’ve tried in the past but I’m not a high user of them because I never cared much about them. Now that I pamper myself a bit more I find myself trying all sorts of things. I actually bought two clay masks yesterday at Target for the Face Mask Selfie challenge here in our community. I plan to use at least one either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for posting about this! I’d love to try it!


i just recently started trying face masks, i have found one that works really well, and a lot of ones that didn’t work as good as i was expecting. so i shop around, and keep an eye out for recommendations for new ones to try.


I plan on putting my personal experience on here with each new mask I try. I’m hoping my experiences whether they are good or bad, will help someone when they are looking for a good mask to buy! :slight_smile:
I’ve got quite a collection of mask (sheet, mud, clay) plus I just ordered 2 more that I’ve not used before…So keep an eye out for my reviews.


Do you plan on reviewing some masks that will be homemade? Or will you just stick to ones that can be purchased?


I can do both :smile: I actually hadn’t thought of homemade ones…but yes that’s an awesome idea. Thank you. If you have any in mind that you would like a review for just let me know. I’ll gather the stuff, try them out & post a review asap.


This is great I have combo skin to I need some firming and I have crazy stubborn blackheads, so watching you will be such a help. Thank you some are alitle pricey but I so want to try the pink clay mask