Face-Off: Application & FAQ


What is Face-Off?

Face-Off is a series of scientific studies from Community Cosmetics where members of our skincare community test the effectiveness of commercial skincare products for anti-aging, pigmentation, acne, etc.

How does it work?

  • Complete our online application
  • Have your application accepted
  • Get invited to participate in a study
  • Sign our legal liability waiver
  • Receive 2 unmarked bottles of products to test along with instructions on how to use
  • Apply the product as directed for the specified period of time, you will receive 2 different samples of product to test, applying each sample to a different side of your face
  • Upload daily photos of your progress to our forum, as part of your skincare dairy
  • Results are judged by the skincare community to determine the effectiveness of the products based on your before/during/after photos, for example, do wrinkles, puffiness, sagginess, dark circles, dullness, etc. appear to be improved
  • The products you tested are revealed to you and the community
  • You help people make better decisions for their skin

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to participate, we send you the products for free, including shipping.

Do I get paid?

No. Your payment is receiving high-end commercial skincare products, better skin, and the satisfaction of helping people make better decisions about skincare.

How do I apply to participate in a study?

Complete our online application, which includes uploading photos of your face, determining your skin type, and providing other information about your skin.

What kinds of studies are you running?

We will be running studies on products which affect the following areas:
Dark Circles
Sun Damage
Uneven Skin Tones

What is your first study and when will it start?

Our first Face-Off study will be testing eye creams.

:mega: Registration for this study closes September 7, 2018 9:59 PM (America: Los Angeles), September 7, 2018 10:59 PM (America: Denver), September 8, 2018 12:59 AM (America: New York).

:mega: The study commences September 17, 2018 (America: Los Angeles), September 17, 2018 (America: Denver), September 17, 2018 (America: New York). Note: Due to shipping, plan for at least 5 days from commencement date to receive test products.

How do I increase my chances of being accepted to participate in a study?

The most important component of your application is your before selfie photos. You must be able to take excellent photos of your face with a high-quality cell phone camera, with your face in-focus, and be properly lit. You must not smile and you must not be wearing makeup in your photos.

Can I participate in more than one study?

Yes. Just because you’ve participated in one study doesn’t mean you can’t participate in any more studies. In fact, we love developing relationships with good testers and prefer to work with people we know we can trust.

What if I get accepted but can’t finish the study?

It’s very important you are able to complete our studies. We won’t be able to send you any more free products, and we can’t consider you for future testing opportunities if you are unable to provide daily updates about your experience with the products.

How will I be notified?

All applicants will be notified by email about the status of their application.

My application was approved, now what?

The first step is having your application accepted, which tells us whether or not you can take the kind of quality photos required to participate, and which studies you’d like to be considered for testing. Once your application is approved, we will reach out to invite you to participate in a study we think would be a good fit for you.

:mega: Not every approved application is guaranteed an opportunity to test products and participate in a product study. Not everyone is a fit for every study.

If your application was approved, but you were not selected for an upcoming study, don’t fret - we may invite you to a study for which you are a better fit.

What are the requirements to participate?

You must be at least 18yrs of age and reside in the US lower 48 states.

Is this the same as the Co-Creator program?

No. Face-Off and the Co-Creator program are different product testing opportunities. You can learn more about the Co-Creator program here: Co-Creator FAQ

Can Co-Creators participate in Face-Off?


Do I need to be a forum member to participate in Face-Off?

Yes, all Face-Off participants will need to join the forum to update their online facial journals and participate in the program.

Will you sell my information?

No, we see no benefit in trying to sell your information, what you share with Community Cosmetics stays with Community Cosmetics.

How will my daily diary photos be used?

You will upload your photos to our forum so they may be evaluated by members of our community to judge the efficacy of the products you are using. By participating in our study we may use the photos you provide as part of our research findings, to promote the Face-Off program, and to promote the products you’ve tested.

Why are you sponsoring these studies?

We subscribe to evidence-based skincare and believe crowdsourcing product efficacy using measurable, objective data to determine results is superior to any individual’s 5 star review, influencer testimonial, or beauty blog recommendation.

Is Community Cosmetics being paid to perform these studies?

No, Community Cosmetics sponsors the studies; we are not promoted or endorsed by any other company.

Have a question not addressed here?

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Ready to apply? (You will need to supply photos, so have a camera ready)

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Getting Closer to Face-Off!
Week 15 Update

Is the application for each individual study or is the application just to be a part of the Face-Off program in its entirety? For example, I don’t necessarily want to test the eye cream coming up, but I might want to test other products.

I’m still kind of going back and forth with myself about this because of the fact that we have to submit pictures of our faces to be looked at and assessed. :slight_smile: I found the face mask challenge a bit nerve-racking, but it was easier because you have a mask on.


I felt the same way, but then I remembered that I love myself, imperfections and all the rest. I wasn’t born with airbrushed looking skin, but even if I had been, there would probably be something else that needed improvement. There’s no greater freedom than accepting yourself for who you are.


I did a weird/funny face for the face mask challenge. I found it helped make it a little easier lol.
Submitting my face for the update might frighten a few people :hushed::joy:


Great question! This application is primarily intended for our upcoming eye cream study. However, if we determine you are not a fit for an eye cream study, we may contact you for a future study based on the photos you submit as part of your overall application. One of the questions in the application covers common skin concerns you would like to be considered for testing in future studies.

For example: In the event we do a study testing the effectiveness of blackhead remedies, and you’ve already applied for the eye cream study, we may reach out to those applicants because they demonstrated they were capable of taking high quality photos, and expressed an interest in testing blackhead treatments.

Now, if the eye cream study is not for you, you can always apply to one which better suits your interests. We will keep you posted of future testing opportunities, you won’t “miss the boat” if you don’t apply now.


Good to know. Thank you.


The main reason for my concern isn’t necessarily anxiety about my face.( Although I do have some of that. ) It’s more the part where it says the photos may be used for promotions and things like that. That’s one of the reasons I tend not to put pictures of my face or really my body on reviews for Amazon and things like that because they can possibly be copied and used by somebody and I’m not necessarily comfortable with that part of it.


Do you know what the dates of the 30-day period will be for the first study? I have a couple of fall vacations planned that might impact my ability to participate, but if I’m around for the 30-day period, I’d like to apply!


September 17th, FAQ has been updated :slight_smile:


This is interesting but I am kind of scared to apply for this lol.


I have so many issues with my skin I would need a note book I hate that my skin is so sun damaged.


I totally understand! But I think any photos submitted will be the sole property of CC and will only be used on this website. I think the use of photos for promotions refers to promoting the products that have been reviewed by CC. I’m thinking there may be a section on the website where a community member can go to read reviews of a product they are interested in trying and will be able to see what results the product offered by looking at the before and after pictures. In the FAQ they said none of our information will be sold.


I’m so glad we have this forum where you can be candid about your questions, and we can answer them with transparency for others to see.

Community Cosmetics needs to be able to use Face-Off before/after photos to promote products and report on the efficacy of the products used in the studies - that’s the point of the study: To take an objective approach to testing skincare products and sharing the data so people can make better decisions about products like high-end eye creams, and whether or not they work for certain skin types and issues.

These studies are expensive to execute and we are running a business. We need to be able to promote our site and recoup study costs through the promotion of winning products as part of the study findings. I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

As far as using any Face-Off tester’s photo in a promotion or study finding, it would be done tastefully, and in the case of an eye cream may not require an entire facial picture to convey product results.

Regarding your information, we won’t sell the information you provide through this forum to another company, we consider that sacred between you and us, regardless of whether or not you participate in a Face-Off study or Co-Creator program.

My recommendation is if you have concerns, sit this one out and watch on the sidelines. Help judge product effectiveness from the testers and see how the process unfolds. This won’t be our only study. If you like how we manage the program, sign up for a future study which interests you.


I’m excited! Thanks for sharing the opportunity.


I. So excited I’m a perfect candidate because I got every problem listed wrong with my face


You bet, thanks for applying!


Awesome, thank you for your submission!


Note: We’ve clarified the FAQ above by mentioning we’ll be sending 2 different samples of products to test, each sample will be applied to a different side of your face to judge the effectiveness of two different creams against the baseline (before) photos.


I totally understand this and that’s why I was mentioning my personal concerns. I absolutely plan to sit this one out , partly because I I’m not particularly interested in using an eye cream, but more so because of the pictures part of it. That’s the good thing about this community is that we all have the choice whether to participate in certain things or not. This is just another part of the community and I still plan to participate in the core Community Cosmetics products development and testing. I love that we can decide whether we want to put our pictures out there or not and this gives other members of the community (who don’t mind the use of their photos)an opportunity to participate in something. :smile:


Thanks for clarifying that; I’d had the same questions.