Face-Off Before & After Results - Please Vote!


Which Cream Worked Best?

(Top pic BEFORE, bottom pic AFTER)

  • Cream A - The model’s right side (pic on left)
  • Cream B - The model’s left side (pic on right)

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Face-Off results - the big reveal!

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Neither or both. I can’t pick one. I don’t really notice any results. There were only a couple that might have had a slight change and even that could have just be lighting. I didn’t see a difference between the left and right either, that’s why I say neither or both. How long did they use the products?


I don’t think either show any kind of real results, I personally took place in the study and I didn’t see any kind of change.


Yea I agree with the previous two comments that I dont notice any difference. There is one or two that looks like there is small changes.


Agree with prior comments. No drastic changes noted in the pics posted nor what I personally experienced.


I didn’t start to see results until recently after 40 plus days of using both products. But since i participated in the study i think cream B seemed to have better results.


It’s very hard to notice any difference but when you look closely I do notice some very very small improvements on both sides but one side does seem slightly better to me than the other.


Some of the pictures I thought MAYBE “A” was better and other pictures I though MAYBE “B” was better. In the end, I decided there really wasn’t much difference between the two.


I looked through them closely and at the end was like hmm some look better in their before pics. The lighting is so different so that makes it harder for any dark circles to really be compared so i just tried looking for puffiness and wrinkles. So then I looked through them all again and still same thoughts- I zoomed in quite a bit the 2nd time. #6 might have some slight change, but the slight change can be seen on both A and B.


It is very hard to notice a major difference. I think that there was a slight improvement for DLKOV1 and I thought that there was a slight improvement for myself.


Based on the photos, it appears the left side has more visible results. Having took part in the study, for me, the right side really had better results but it doesnt seem to really show in the photos.


Sorry for the absence crazy here. The few I was able to see didn’t really seem that different but I was hoping maybe this weekend to get a better, more studied and careful look. I’ll be back!


SWEET LITTLE LEE is the only change I can see, but it also could be the lighting and/or angle.
I took part in the study and felt like I could see a very slight difference, but my pictures don’t show it.


I picked cream B, but it wasn’t a huge drastic difference that I noticed between the two. B just seemed slightly better in a few more people than A. I don’t feel confident about my decision because the differences were so minute.


@Melissa21Lol. I thought the same thing, which is why it took me so long to reply to the results. Even my before pictures look better! But I can see slight change when I look in the mirror.
I think overall, some of us had minimal change on one or both eyes, but definitely nothing dramatic.
The Face Off experience was way cool however and gave me a tangible way to gauge the effectiveness of new products going forward.


I picked cream A, but both of them didn’t really had a result on me. Maybe because we needed more time using them.
Cream A has a lighter texture, made me feel like my skin absorbed it faster, less greasy. I like its scent better too.


I don’t see much of a difference in the after pics… :grimacing:


I think it’s the pic on the left, cream A (though I accidentally ended up voting for cream B @John can it be fixed?

I definitely do see a difference when I compare the pic on the right and that on the left. I also do see a little bit of a difference when I compare with the actual picture too.


Some eyes are less puffier after using cream A and they’re also lighter too.