Face Off Begins!


Hello Community Cosmetics members!

I’ve got great news, the creams for Face-Off will be arriving in your mailbox this week! To the 34 participants
of @FO_Eye_Cream_01, please pay close attention:

You will be receiving 2 different over the counter wrinkle creams in your package, one for each eye. We’re testing to see if cream A or cream B is superior for addressing your eye concerns, applying the eye creams twice per day.

Please follow these instructions exactly. It’s very important you apply the creams consistently for 30 days, twice per day, and to take your daily photo just after cleansing but prior to applying your cream. We will get the most benefit from the study when everyone follows the same routine.

  1. Wash and dry your face before applying the creams.

  2. Now that you face is clean and dry, we want to take your pictures before applying your creams! Because you will get the best results from using the creams twice per day, decide when you want to take your daily selfie pics for the forum, either am or pm. We don’t need a pic per application, once per day only please, but we ask you to decide now if you will be an am or pm selfie pic taker and stick to that regimen. We may get mixed results if some days you take your selfies in the am after a shower and other days in the pm after a long day. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the am or pm to take your pics, what matters is that you are consistent in taking them either in the am or pm. Please let me know if this is not clear.

  • Take your front, and side photos… for a total of three pictures. Remember all the trouble we went through to get those pics with the good lighting? Good! Now let’s replicate those conditions so we continue to get excellent quality pictures for the study. Take your pics before applying the cream. Because the purpose of the study is to gauge the effects of the cream over the course of 30 days, we’re not interested in pictures demonstrating short-term affects immediately after applying the creams, so take them before applying the cream.
  1. Watch this 30 second video on how to apply the creams
  1. Open jar A and apply a small amount of cream A to the Right eye area. Close jar A.

  2. Rinse and dry your application finger.

  3. Open jar B and apply a small amount of cream B to your Left eye area. Close jar B.

  4. Crop and upload your pics to your personal topic, the one you already created. You will be replying to your own topic, please do not create a new topic. Remember all that jazz above about whether you will be taking your selfies in the am or pm? Good!

Note: Because we already have your “Before” pictures, take your Day 1 pics following your first day of using the creams. For example, if you get home from work and receive your creams on Thursday, and apply your creams Thursday night, take your first pic Friday.

That’s it! Please respond if you have questions. You may begin using your creams as soon as you receive your package. It’s always fun to see when everyone receives their packages, so we encourage you to post your pics on the Face-Off: Eye Cream 01 General Discussion Topic and if you’re so inclined, invite your friends on social media to follow.

A final note about Face Off

Community Cosmetics goes to great trouble and expense to launch product testing opportunities. In order for us to continue to give away free products to test, it’s very important that the people we choose to work with finish their assignment. Your ability to successfully complete this study grants you preference for future study and product testing opportunities.


:partying_face: Awesome! Can’t wait to get started!


And so it begins! LET’S DO THIS! :grin:


By the way, remember your Baumann skin type from the Face-Off questionnaire? Please update your Community Cosmetics profile (the same place where you put your address) with that info so people who follow along can see what type of skin you have. Forgot? Take the test again:

Then update your profile by:

Clicking your photo
Click the gear :gear:
Find the dropdown that says “Account” and select “Profile”
Scroll down until you see Baumann skin type


Great. I am excited to start the testing.


I can’t wait. I’m very excited to see what my results will be.


Is everyone else excited as me? I love opportunities like this!!


Awesome! Can’t wait!


Hi, John, I have a question regarding the upcoming holidays. Some people might travel, visit family and things like that. What if it’s not possible to take the pictures at the same place and time? Is it okay to take it at least around the same time? What is your suggestions for situations like that?


Fair question, and CC was late on our deadline, so Thanksgiving will certainly play a role. Just do your best. If 2 days out of 30 were at a different time that’s not a deal-breaker, that’s life.


I’m ready and steady! Woohoo :tada:


Some times life gets in the way when your making other plans. Pardon my tardy all.


Soooo excited! I can’t wait to get started


I am so excited!! Thank you @John!


I’m ready and very hopeful that by some miracle we all receive eye creams that actually work for us!:+1:t4:
@John thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much for the gargantuan generosity of Community Cosmetics!!!:pray:t4::clap:t4:While we’re all excited to be able to participate in Face Off and test free products, the truth is, someone had to “foot the bill” for this experiment.:dollar: And I can only imagine the cost for all the participants.:moneybag::astonished:
From the beginning of being chosen as Co Creators and members, we’ve all received, at no cost to us, top quality samples in equally matched packaging from a COMPANY THAT IS JUST MAKING ITS DEBUT ON THE MARKET. That in itself is highly impressive. And now we’re beginning Face Off, the product comparison aspect of CC, where participants are selected to receive free products for evaluation purposes. That’s a lot of giving! Thank you!
So CC Face Off participants, let’s take this initial and ground breaking assignment and make it completely successful for @John and Community Cosmetics! Let’s help make CC a well known resource for others that are looking for trustworthy products and trustworthy reviews! Let’s help put Community Cosmetics in the minds and mouths of consumers!


so happy for everyone that got picked to try this and tell us the results!


I received mine today, yaaay! I’m so excited! Yes one little issue, though. One of the creams was leaking when I opened. I might not be able to go throw the whole month with that one, but I will try.


Mine were open as well @Sarytta


Got mine today, both were closed and sealed. Started tonight so I will be doing pm pics starting tomorrow.


Mine came the same way. I can’t figure out how it leaked because the container didn’t seem damaged.