Face Off Begins!


I just have a question. Are these actually eye creams or facial moisturizers? The instructions included are unclear and just say apply to one side of face and say they are “wrinkle creams”. I see here it is to apply to eyes only which is what I thought, but they are still referred to as wrinkle creams. I just want to make sure these are creams intended for use around the eye area, because most facial creams I have used warn to avoid use around the eye area.


Hello John,

I received my samples and I started them yesterday. I decided to do my pictures in the AM. I have a question… Many times I wash my face 3 times per day because I exercise after the first washing then I have to clean my face again after my workout. Is it ok to apply the products 3 times? I don’t want to leave my under eye area untreated after washing and I am assuming I should not use my previous cream during this study.

Please let me know.

Thank you.



Received mine yesterday and started using this morning! The left side cream was messy upon opening but did not leak in shipment.


Yay! I receive mine in the mail today and the package was so cute! Both my containers were sealed shut and nothing had leaked out. I’m super excited; about to apply some a few minutes. I’m also very thankful for the opportunity!


Was this the “left eye” cream? Mines leaked a little also.



Yes, the left one! I think we will be fine though, there’s a lot left over, lol.


Yeah when I opened my package both of mine had slightly leaked out as well but were shut tightly. Still had a lot left of both though!


Received mine yesterday! One of mine leaked a bit as well but looks like there’s plenty of product left. I was going to start today but my daughter accidentally poked me in the eye and it was red and swollen all day!

My eye’s doing better now and can’t wait to test the eye creams out and see everyone’s results!


I’m so sorry your container leaked :frowning: Thank you for the feedback.


I think that would be fine. Just watch for irritation.


Bummer!! Thank you for letting us know. Seems to be a problem with the left cream only?


These are anti-aging/wrinkle creams intended for use on face and eye areas. Everyone’s body is different, so please discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

The main difference with eye/face creams vs other creams are their active ingredients which would be prohibitively expensive to use on the body.


Just did my day one post! I just replied to my precious post so hopefully I did everything right! Can’t wait to see my results along with everyone else’s!


My cream came and it was a little bit leaking, it was coming thru the seal, noting major but I think the package had been thrown around.


Probably definitely thrown around! Also wondering how hot they might have gotten on the way to their destinations.


Yes, just the left. It should be enough to last :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine was left cream also


So you said these creams are both for the face and the eyes… I know we’re only taking pictures of her eyes but should we also be applying them to our faces?


No irritation… I was just curious. I have read that creams intended for the face sometimes contain stronger ingredients than creams intended for just the eye area since the face can tolerate more than the delicate eye area. I have also used some moisturizers/treatments that said to avoid the eye area, so just making sure!