Face-Off Dark Circles 01 - Emiley Smith


My box came today so looking forward to starting this afternoon.

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Day 1…I applied both cremes on newly cleansed skin. I applied the left first. I love the consistency of this creme and the slight tinge of scent. It dabbed on easily. There was a slight burn at first but nothing dramatic. I then applied the right and found this one to be a little looser but still a nice consistency with no scent that I could detect. It was very smooth and had no effects. So far so good!


Appreciate the commentary, looking forward to seeing your progress. We’ll see if you are able to guess these products this time Emiley!

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I dont know lol. The left creme I have an idea but the other isnt familiar to me. I’m excited to see how they work!


Day 2…no burn or tingling sensation today with the left creme. Both applied very well and I actually quite enjoy the consistency of both products. I can feel that one seems to absorb quicker than the other on my skin but both equally seem to nourish greatly.


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7…Im noticing some small subtle changes in the texture of my skin around my eyes. It feels a little more firm than Ive noticed in a while. Anxious to continue watching the changes.


Day 8…Im beginning to see slight changes in coloration with one eye. I have also noticed more firmness with one as well.


Day 9


Hey Emiley! Great uploads! I see you haven’t posted photos in a while - remember to upload daily! Let me know if there’s anything I can help with to get you there.



I’m sorry Ive been recovering from a surgery the last week so I have been late getting posted but I’m in the process of getting back on track. Thank you


Day 10


Ok thanks! Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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What day are you on?


I fixed the ones above. Today is my 11th.


Day 11

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Day 12