Face-Off Dark Circles 01 - Emily Faber


I’m starting tomorrow, but here are some pictures of my package!


Okay, I finally started! Here are my Day 1 pictures:


Day 2! Apologies for the tiny amount of stubborn eyeliner! I have no other makeup on.


Day 3!


Day 4!


Day 5 (yesterday)! I was sick over the weekend, and my dark circles were definitely worse from lack of sleep, but I know it’s still way too early to notice any results from the creams!


And Day 6!


Here’s Day 7 from yesterday!


And Day 8 today! Had to take these pictures somewhere else, so the lighting is a little different, sorry!

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Day 9. I feel like my right eye is looking worse?! Probably not from the cream, just didn’t get great sleep last night! Liking the left eye better so far, but still too early to tell.

I’m going away for the next five days & will not have a ton of internet access! The creams are packed, and I’ll be certain to take pictures every day but will have to wait to upload them upon return!


Day 10! (Will post a few days today, starting with where I left off!)


And Day 11!


Day 12!


Playing catch-up with posting, sorry! Here’s Day 13!


And Day 14 below!


Two more to post today! Day 15:


And last but not least, Day 16!


Day 17 pictures! I also have 18 & 19 to post!


Pretty bad lighting, sorry, but here’s 18!


Back to the usual lighting for 19!