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The Face-Off Dark Circle Challenge has OFFICIALLY BEGUN! :tada:

First step :smiley: my box has been received.
Can’t wait to try!!


I hope I’m doing this correctly. I posted my unboxing on the Face-Off update by @Melissa_Levick Realizing now I should have possibly posted here. My apologies, as this is my first time using this forum.

I do have questions regarding where I upload my daily selfie pic. I did see mention of a labeling a personal topic. Just not sure where that’s located via the site. If anyone would be so kind to explain it would be greatly appreciated :smile: Again my apologies I just want to do this challenge right. Thank you so very much!!

Pic of the lovely box below:


Hi. I’m in the same boat I’m clueless how to do this. I don’t even know how to get my own conversation (or whatever it’s called). That’s why I’m commenting on yours :joy: please help somebody. I recieved my box and Ive took my 1st set of pics. I need step by step guide please :heart:


So sorry @Wendy1975 Glad I’m not alone. I’ve searched the site without success on finding out how to create a personal topic. Hopefully, someone will see this and assist.


Hi. I recieved my box and I’m trying to post pics. I took pics on my cell and saved them so I can post later since my cell service is crappy at home. But I can’t get to my phones albums. I feel like such a dummy because I’m having such a hard time figuring out how this forum stuff works do I post my daily pics in this post? Uploading: IMG_20190315_215514.jpg…


Hi. I think I’ve figured it out. Click on the cc logo in top left corner of page and it’ll take you to home page and there is an option for new topic. :+1:


She’s here!! So exciting!!


Yay my box just arrived!!! Can not wait to use the products tonight!


I received my package today :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hi All! Received my box today in the mail and I’m excited to get started!


I revived my box today!


Hello! I just wrote a step by step guide - I hope this helps!


Hi Wendy! Please create a separate topic with "Face-Off Dark Circles 01 - [First Name, Last Name]. If you need help creating a topic, I just wrote this step by step guide!


Hi there! Try this step by step guide!


Thank you so very much for your assistance :smile: Looking forward to posting my first pics tonight. Have a great day!! :sunny:


I received my package today, and as usual, I’m impressed with CC’s commitment to excellence! Before I even open the box, I’m smiling at the postage. It’s one of my favorite things, because it’s such a personal touch. Thank you! I know it requires a whole lot more elbow grease to mail them this way, as opposed to having them branded by the post office.

I was wowed by the size of the “samples!” They are huge, considerably bigger than the containers we received for Face Off Eye Cream! The size of the containers we received for FO Eye Cream were consistent with what is sold by retailers, and the supply well exceeded the 30 day challenge. These conainers are much bigger than what is sold and are yet another attribute that sets apart CC. No plastic, cheap see through containers here, that will allow the product to lose its efficacy!! And they’re reusable to boot! I love the addition of the inner “lift up” tab in the containers, it creates a seal to keep the product from seeping into the lid. The deep royal blue color is also a favorite of mine.

I’m sampling creams #7 and #12. Number 7 is a thick creamy, peach colored, practically unscented cream. Number 12 has the consistency of a thick, silky serum, it has a very faint herbal scent.

Thank you @John and @Melissa_Levick for all you’ve put and are putting into this process and community! And the challenge begins!


I received my products, and I’m very excited to start testing. They arrived in a cute little box. The size of these “samples” are very generous, and they’re presented in nice little jars. It definitely gives a more luxurious feel. I will be testing #06 on my left eye- it is a thick, gel like serum. Virtually unscented. It has a cool and light feeling, and seems water based. I will be testing #07 on my right eye- this is a peach colored very thick cream. It has a slight cosmetic scent- not chemical but reminds me of prestigious eye creams. I’m very interested to see the difference in results these provide.


Well hello beautiful box I have been patiently waiting for you!! I can’t wait to see a difference


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